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How to work from home: I have over 300 work from home online incomes business articles published online, 9 internet business ebooks published at Amazon/Kindle and hundreds of web pages dealing with every aspect of e-commerce. Frantic, desperate people often contact me for help. These people all deserve a straight answer.

I created this page to answer the most frequently asked questions:

  1. What is the greatest obstacle to online success?
  2. How can I have an online business when I have nothing to sell? (Affiliate Marketing)
  3. I bought the get rich quick guru books and failed. (There is no get rich quick. You didn't fail)
  4. What do I have to do to quit my day job? (Create your own job)
  5. How can I work from home? (See question 3)
  6. How can I build a high traffic website? (By learning how to build one)
  7. Is it true that you can succeed on the internet with no investment? (No. It takes effort)
  8. Is it possible to create online incomes safely and risk free?(Yes)
  9. Will you mentor me? (You don't need me, bookmark this page)

If you dream of building a rock solid online business built around something you dearly love, that requires no risk, can operate by itself, that you can build in your spare time and in which you are willing to invest a dollar a day, then the few minutes you spend reading this article to the very end will be the most profitable time you spend this year.

I can't overestimate the importance of the information below regarding the size of the market that is open to you FREE!

6 billion people!!

That’s how many people carry cell phones around the world, according to the U.N. That’s roughly 86% of the world population. Only about 75% of these same people have toilets!  WHAT A MARKET!! People with laptops and PC's are fewer, but still represent an incredible market that is free to anyone who wants to get on board the River of Gold, the World Wide Web.

Amazingly, even with these incredible numbers, many marketers and business owners still ignore the phenomenal opportunity this presents to build an online business in almost ANY niche! If you are looking to make money for yourself, the internet is by far the safest and easiest way for you to do so. You can build from home, risk free and in your spare time. How sweet is that?

Remind yourself that your internet connection is your personal doorway to the largest, richest market that has ever existed. The World Wide Web. Access is free. Imagine what you can do with something like that!

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  • Revealed! How to escape a 9-5 job you long to escape from by starting your own home-based business. Start this e-business today and make your goal of "quitting the day job" a reality in the near future.
  • Discover how someone starting a home business in the hopes of earning some spare money ends up using the system I will take you to right now to achieve total independence. The horizons are endless!

As you read the rest of this site, do a self-inventory. What do you know well? What are your hobbies? Interests? Passions? Experiences? Brainstorm and then get started!

Work From Home Online Incomes

The dream of every dreamer is to become self employed. Why don't more people do it? Because they don't know how to do it and, the biggest reason, is fear. Fear they will fail, fear they will lose money, fear they will be laughed at and oddly enough, fear that they might succeed and work from home.

I won't go into the psychology of it all here. I just want to state that there is a lot more at work here than just the economy.

Here are 5 things to consider as you make your choice of business and thus how to become self employed:

  • What do you love to do? (Yes, it is not only important, but the most important consideration).
  • What skills do you possess? You can't become an electrical contractor if you don't have a journeyman ticket. The 5 figure day pdf will help you with this.

  • How much do you want to make before you consider yourself successful?
  • Can you start this in your spare time?
  • Last, but not least, is there a market for this business?

    If you are presently doing what you love to do, you are in a tiny minority. Most people "live lives of quiet desperation" as Thoreau said.

    Make the decision and start slowly to work from home. I know of no people who managed to borrow their way to success as they quit their present job. Feel out the market, advertise a bit. See what kind of advertising works the best.(Word of mouth is the best and cheapest). Take your profits and reinvest in yourself.

    Debt will rob you of the excitement of little successes. Learn, experiment and be patient. What you are building here is something that will serve you a lifetime as you learn how to become self employed.

    Join forums and professional communities on the internet who work from home. These will be filled with people doing what you are doing. Most of them will be glad to share their experience as they listen to your advice.

The internet is full of scam artists.  Stay away from the get rich quick gurus. This applies to you whether you are a nurse and want to start your own in home elderly care business or you want to build an online site dealing in antique rocking chairs. There is going to be many someones out there telling you they have the magic formula for just what you want for the amazingly low price of whatever.


The formula for success is as follows: hard work + minimal risk + patience + love of your product + reinvesting = eventual success. It's relatively simple, but not easy to work from home.

Any internet enterprise you might be interested in will require one more ingredient and that is specialized knowledge of how internet business works. It is not rocket science, the information for this is also free on the internet and there will be shortage of magic, secret formulas for this either. Search,download and learn. In time, you will work from home.

Other Informative Articles

By the way, would you like to find out more about how to create your own work from home opportunities. Go to my work from home/Solo Build It! Questions page and ask whatever questions you want.

It is possible for anyone to build their own work from home income. It is great to make good money at home not to mention the security this offers to you and your family.

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