Where does the money come from?

by Smokey

Question:I am wondering where the money comes from? Do you sell something on the internet or do you have to make something and then sell it? How does affiliate marketing work into all this and what is it?

Answer: Basically, you are like a commission salesperson. You do not have to stock or build anything. The company you represent does all that.

Your job is to build a website that attracts visitors, you presell them on the solution you offer and send them to the company or companies you represent. If they buy, you get a commission.

It is the sweetest, risk free way to build your own business that has ever existed.

I hope this answers your question. If not, go to
Affiliate Marketing Any Good? on this site for more information.

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P.S. You can represent many companies with one site. They have no say in who you represent.

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