I am frequently asked, "Do I have insomnia or is something else causing my sleep deprivation?"

Insomnia is a sleep disorder defined with the following characteristics:

  • Falling asleep is difficult.
  •  There is frequent waking during the night with trouble getting back to sleep
  •  Awakening very early in the morning with inability to fall back to sleep
  •  Feeling groggy, tired and listless upon waking.

 You are not alone. Insomnia is so common that it is estimated that at some point during their lives, more than 90% of people deal with it. Studies show that it affects 1 in 3 adults and chronic insomnia affects 1 in 10 adults yearly. 

 How It Can Affect Your Relationships. Sleeplessness can have serious effects upon your life, playing havoc with your health, with your relationships, your school and/or work performance, your safety, and the safety of those around you.

 Lack of sleep can make you irritable, short-tempered, hard to reason with, and just plain grumpy. Your attention span is shorter; you have a hard time focusing on things. These behaviors can certainly put a strain on your relationship with other household members, particularly with your spouse or significant other.

Add to that, the problems that can arise just trying to sleep in the same bed with a partner. Your partner is fast asleep and you are lying awake, tossing and turning. Or your insomnia is keeping the other person up. Tensions between you mount.

The Effects of Insomnia on Work and SchoolAt school or at work, you have difficulty remembering things, difficulty concentrating, and staying focused. You may be constantly yawning, feeling fatigued and even falling asleep at your desk.  Your reaction time is slower, but your irritability and impatience with people and things quickens. Slowly but surely, you are becoming a wreck.

How Insomnia Can Affect Your Driving. If you drive or operate dangerous machinery under these circumstances, it is easy to see how inattention due to fatigue or momentary lapses in consciousness can cause very serious accidents, even resulting in death—yours or someone else’s or both.

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least 100,000 auto accidents (and more than 1500 deaths) every year are a result of fatigue at the wheel. That’s like saying out of all auto accidents happening every five minutes, there’s one fatality occurring every six hours, every year—due to sleepiness while driving. Check out the video below.

It Is Like A Sneaky Thief In Your Bed! Many people are not aware of the health robbing effects of getting too little sleep. We are a population of overworked, over scheduled people, always trying to cram as much into our days as we possibly can. 

Some of us even bring our work home with us to finish at night before going to bed, figuring we’ll get a head start on tomorrow’s work. We tend to stay up late to watch the news or a late-night television show to try and relax before bed. We drink, eat or smoke late at night and that tends to keep us up or cause us to wake during the night, robbing us of a really good night’s rest. 

In our attempts to cram more doings into the day, we are putting ourselves at a greater health risk.

What Is Insomnia? Five ways (that you may not be aware of) that insomnia or poor sleep patterns can affect your overall health and fitness.

1. Insomnia Slows Weight Loss And Muscle Growth. Loss of adequate sleep increases hunger. A lack of adequate sleep is stressful on the body; fat cells then respond to stress hormones that are released, such as cortisol, which in turn stimulates hunger, creating a viscous cycle.

Lack of deep sleep levels reduces growth hormone which causes the body to hoard calories which get stored as fat.

 2. How might you be at risk for diabetes? If you are consistently not getting enough hours of sleep at night, you could be putting yourself in danger of setting into motion a whole cascade of body responses that can lead to pre-diabetes. Too few hours of sleep can wreak havoc with carbohydrate metabolism. If carbohydrates are not metabolizing as they should be, blood sugar levels will rise, and that can mimic what is known as insulin resistance. And that can create the condition of diabetes.

3. Can lack of adequate sleep lead to obesity and a higher body mass index? Research indicates that there is a link between insufficient sleep, hormone imbalance, increased food craving and increased weight gain, leading to a greater likelihood of obesity.

4. There is a risk of heart failure. Even partial sleep deprivation can increase your risk of developing chronic inflammation, which can damage the heart, as well as other organs.

5.  It can compromise your immune system. Too few hours of sleep can compromise your immune system, leading to increased risk of colds and other flu virus. What about if you get vaccinated against the flu viruses? Are you protected? Are you safe from getting the flu? A lack of adequate sleep can slow down your body’s response to fight infection even after you’ve been immunized. 

If you've noticed a decrease in energy levels, it could be due to a lack of adequate sleep. Less sleep means less energy, and we get less accomplished due to fatigue. Having more energy means you can accomplish more and think more clearly.

By the way, do you want to find out more about insomnia, it's effects and how to cure it? Go to this what is insomnia video. Don't wait for a catastrophe to enter your life like the poor fellow in the video before you do something about it. Insomnia kills.

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By the way, do you want to find out more about insomnia, it's effects and how to cure it? Go to this what is insomnia video. Don't wait for a catastrophe to enter your life like the poor fellow in the video before you do something about it. Insomnia kills.

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