What Do Men Really Want From A Relationship? Relationship Rx

What Do Men Really Want From A Relationship?: First and foremost, you need to understand that men like things simple. They don’t over-analyze every phrase you say looking for a hidden meaning nor do they speak in riddles.

In fact, you can be certain that in most cases, when a man says something that’s exactly what he means in that moment.

What does this mean? It means that men adore women who tell them straight what they feel and don’t feel. So, for example, rather than hinting that you are too tired to go out that evening or trying to hint at the fact that you are upset he isn’t spending enough time with you, try telling him.

Yes, you run the risk of being rejected but at the same time you are showing him what you want and there’s nothing men love more than not having to worry about making a mistake and upsetting you.

What Do Men Really Want From A Relationship?

Of course, delivery is important as well and a man will respond much better if your delivery is soft and feminine rather than shouting your head off at him. By being soft and feminine you completely disarm him because men want to make their women happy.

On the other hand, if you start yelling, all you are doing is basically competing with him and he will start treating you like one of the guys because guys compete against each other.

So, he will either do the “guy thing” and withdraw inside himself or simply try to compete with you.

You see, men marry women who make them feel good and because they have such trouble accessing their own emotions, they love being with a woman who makes them feel good.

Now, if he is constantly walking around on eggshells because he doesn’t know how to please you, the last thing he will feel is good.

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