Wedding Speech 4 U Pdf: If you are fretting and worried about what to say as the bridesmaid, then reading this article to the very end will be the best few minutes you will ever spend. Learn how to craft the perfect maid of honor speech.

Congratulations on being chosen as the bridesmaid! On such a wonderful day in a couple's life, this is truly an honor. As you likely know already, probably the biggest duty of being the maid of honor is giving the speech prior to the toast.

Let me confess something: I know how anxious one can get over doing this. Before you begin freaking out, check out the 9 great tips below to help you write the perfect maid of honor speech. The time between now and the wedding should be a time of happiness and excitement, not of stress and worry. Read on:

1.  Start the speech with a humorous or touching story about the bride or maybe the couple. The sweet story or memory needs to be tasteful and never embarrassing or too long winded. This short story sets the mood for the speech and will help the guests see how your lovely relationship with the bride or the couple started and blossomed. Can you see that this is the perfect time and the ideal way to tell them how much they mean to?

2.  No matter what, you're going to be nervous. Breathe deeply. Smile at the audience. Maintain eye-to-eye contact with them just as much as you can. Have you noticed yet that you are starting to feel better?

Put little reminders to yourself on your speech note cards like a smiley face so that you will remember to smile.

3.  Don't mention depressing or negative topics. Always, always keep it nice and pleasant for everyone out there.

4. The bridesmaid is usually supposed to provide something of emotional value. Offer thoughts of encouragement and involvement for the couple's new married life.

The more you keep reading this document, the more you feel that this wedding speech 4 u pdf document will take you to a place where you give a magnificent, world class, loving speech that all will remember for a long time.

5.  Manage your fear of public speaking by rehearsing in front of a mirror. Bring note cards to refer to if you tend to get lost at some places. Remember this. There is no one out there that will laugh at you or think poorly if you do stammer a bit or take a moment to read your notes. It's all good, girl.

6. Imagine you have given the best speech ever and there isn't a dry eye in the house. That's what this is all about. Include some serious thoughts about marriage and love. Add some emotional quotes or a short poem in your speech.

7. Make sure that you give compliments to the groom, too. You may observe that the best man will usually compliment the bride; therefore you set the stage for him and compliment the groom.

For example, you could welcome him to the new family. Congratulate him for beginning a new life together with your closest friend and also you can prewarn him in a humorous and polite way to look after the bride always. These little gestures of yours will certainly make the groom feel welcomed in his new family.

Let yourself get in touch with the feelings of heart warming gratitude, love and excitement for them that this wedding speech for u pdf article has ignited.

8. Do not include any topic which might seem debatable. Keep in mind, this is expected to be a cheerful day which means sex, politics or religion are not allowed.

9.  Keep in mind, there are young kids and grandmas in the audience, so hold cuss words to a minimum and keep your humor above the belt. Anything more than that isn't appropriate. Are you beginning to notice that this will not be very hard, that the stress is over?

Wedding Speech 4 U Pdf: Maid of Honor Speech Examples

Everyone is different. What one person might find thigh-slappingly funny, another might view as hilarious as a root canal. So, I will give you the following guidelines when writing your maid of honor speech.

• Keep your speech simple, short and focused on the purpose. Be natural. Remember, you ae there to express love and appreciation, not to win a Pulitzer prize or address the UN. The guests will stop tuning in if you keep dragging it on.  A lot of people tend to  ramble when they're nervous. Try keeping your speech to approximately 2 minutes in length.

Little by little, you are becoming free of worry, stress and anxiety. All is well. You are reading the full toolkit of what you will need.

• Do not drink a lot before your speech. A glass of vino to relax you is okay, but you don't want to be referred to as a tipsy bridesmaid :-)

• Finally, make sure to thank the bride for asking you to be her bridesmaid. As a final point, do not forget the toast! Lift your glass up to the couple and please remember to take a sip when you're done.

Since you are still here, I'm going to assume that this article has struck a chord with you. Right on! Let this be a time of great joy and love. A source of memories that will last a lifetime.

Here is to a happy wedding as well as the perfect maid of honor speech!

This wedding speech for u article was created to make your bride's maid speech one of the the happiest moments of your life. Enjoy!

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