The Venus Factor: Obviously, you are here because you want to lose weight. If you are looking for a natural weight loss program, one that uses your natural female hormones to work for you and you want quick results, then ... reading this short article to the very bottom could be the most beneficial 2 minutes you will spend this year.

I am often asked why women seem to have a harder time than men losing weight and keeping it off. The fact of the matter is that women's bodies are genetically predisposed to storing fat as much as possible.

This was necessary for survival of the species thousands of years ago. You don't need that body function now, but your genes don't know that.

If you have been unable to lose weight or to keep it off after you suffered through a weight loss regime, it isn't your fault. Remember this:

  • With all the research that has been conducted in the last decade on how your body works, it has never been easier to lose weight and keep it off. Information is the key to success.
  • Because nobody fully understood the mechanism of how the female body operates, and all the misinformation out there, it is small wonder you have experienced difficult times. It is not your fault.
  • The weight loss industry is full of snake oil salesmen, misinformation and down right deceit. Smoke and mirrors are the order of the day. It is confusing and discouraging.
  • Take a deep breath and relax. We are about to take aim at the smoke and mirrors and cut to the naked truth.

The story of the Venus Factor begins with a young physiology researcher at the University of Florida who has a little sister named Lisa that he loves dearly. She suffered horribly because of her being overweight.

He set out to find a solution for her and what he discovered brought her back from the brink of suicide and has helped thousands of other women easily reach their weight loss goals and has allowed them to keep it off. Let him tell you the story in his own words.

The Venus Factor In A Nutshell

I must confess that I am leery of new concepts. Every time I go to the store, I plan on buying nothing but good healthy food, but I am easily led astray by the amazing choices we have.

Also, I used to get mad at myself because I hadn't learned about what foods are good and which aren't. Now, with the Venus Factor Virtual Assistant, I walk into the store confident in the knowledge that I know the game rules.

I now know how to use my natural body chemistry to get the results I want, not the genetic ones which were pressed into me in the days of the caveman.

Here are some of the results of this program.

Women's bodies are backfiring on them. Here's why.

A hormone named Leptin exists in both men's and women's bodies. One of the things it does is to let our bodies know when we have eaten enough. Leptin resistance happens in many people and most severely in overweight women.

What this means is that their bodies don't get the signal that they have eaten enough and so keep eating well beyond the time they are full.

This all goes back to prehistory where hunger and famine were common.

A woman that had a baby had high Leptin levels which made her eat as much as possible in times of abundance. Thus, they would store the fat their bodies would turn into milk when famine came calling. This is nature's way of giving our species the best chance of survival possible.

The Venus Factor - The Good News

The good news in all this is that John Barban, the young man mentioned above discovered the link between Leptin, Leptin resistance and obesity in women. This saved his little sister's life.

The real magic of the Venus Factor is that first, it teaches you about Leptin and your body. Then, it shows you how to turn your natural Leptin levels to turn off the hunger. It allows you to turn your natural body function to do what you want, not what it was programmed to do thousands of years ago.

I'm a social person. Another great benefit for me is the forum that goes along with the Venus Factor program. No matter how common sense something is, we all develop issues. I found it so empowering to have women just like me who had worked their way through these issues and were happy to share their experiences and solutions with me.

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By the way, would you like to know more about the Venus Factor? The program is explained in clear, nonscientific terms. Weight loss is not only critical to our general health but also to how we feel about ourselves and the ease of our every day living.

Good luck and my best wishes always,

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