Venus Factor T3 for weight loss: These are some of the possible side effects of T3. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, or drowsiness may occur. Some of these side effects may decrease after you have been using this medication for a while. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

Since this medication does little to alter why you aren't losing weight, discover why you are overweight and why it is so difficult to keep it off if you've managed to shed some pounds.

It is not written in stone that you have to suffer and writhe in hunger to lose weight. There are perfectly natural reasons for why you have female weight loss problems. Consider the points below before reaching into the medicine cabinet for some T3's in the hope of shedding pounds.

1. We are truly the children of our ancient ancestors. When there was food, they would gorge themselves because famine was never far away for them. Men had to be strong to hunt and fight off enemies. Women would stay at home to take care of the babies, many of whom would perish even with the best care our ancestral mothers could offer.

For this reason, ancient females ate as much as they could and natural selection made sure they turned as much food into fat as possible especially if they were nursing. Allow yourself to imagine a scene of a great battle being fought inside of you.

Venus Factor T3 For Weight Loss:

2. We are filled with propaganda on which foods are good for us and which aren't. The truth of the matter is that some healthy foods actually trigger that ancient impulse in your body to store fat as much as possible. Female hormone levels and weight loss were never associated together. As your brain responds to this information, you get an "aha!" moment.

3. The same applies to some "bad" foods. Many are bad for sure, but some trigger your homones to start burning off fat quickly. While you are guiltily nibbling, you are actually chemically ordering your body to burn off some of the fat. Now, let all this sink in for a moment.

4. Every day, your body is screaming inside to conserve fat. Your mind is saying no way, but in the back of your mind, you fear the worst and, sure enough, the scale shows you that a couple more pounds have found their way onto you. Your common sense is fighting against your genetics.

It is a terrible position to be in. T3 for weight loss can help, but consider the possible side effects. Second by second, let yourself feel lighter of heart.

5. Recent research, however, has discovered which hormone causes you this grief. It is Leptin. It is responsible for controlling your body's metabolism. Men have it too, but only about half as much as women. If, somehow, you managed to increase your Leptin level, your body automatically kicks into overdrive to burn energy.

Female hormone levels and weight loss occur together. When the levels are lower, your metabolism slows down and energy is stored as fat, even if you are not pregnant or breast feeding. Allow yourself to drift into a warm ocean of health and peace.

6. The discovery of what Leptin does in the body was a major breakthrough in healthy female weight loss. By itself, the information is just a curiosity, but once they discovered how to increase or lower it in the body, what that did was to offer you a virtual hormonal loophole.

Once you understand the process and how to naturally control it, you are home free. T3 for weight loss suddenly takes on a new perspective. As each sentence passes, you are getting a firmer hold on the fact that this can work pain and drug free.

7. Weight loss need not involve starving or working out like a longshoreman. Understand how your body works and why. Then, decide to follow the simplest steps possible to use this new information. And, it becomes easier to imagine yourself fitting into those nice slim clothes, of hearing the compliments being showered upon you.

T3 for weight loss might be of some help, but there are some side effects and possible addiction. Simply learning how Leptin works and learning how to control it can lead to lifelong benefit, to that total transformation you dream about. That jump in self-esteem and being able to turn heads is worth every moment you spend learning all of this.

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By the way, do you want to learn more about how Leptin operates in your body and how you can harness it to jet you to slimness and bypass the T3 for weight loss grind? Watch this short video on the hormonal loophole called by some the Venus Effect that can help you avoid going the T3 for weight loss chemical route.

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