My Venus Factor Review: I am often asked about the effects of the hormone Leptin on women's bodies. The Venus factor diet and exercise system is hailed as the gold standard of female fat loss. Are the reports true and, if so, what's so special about it?

First of all, what is Leptin?. It is a hormone that is present in both women and men. Do the two sexes have differing amounts of the hormone? Remember this:

  • Leptin is a hormone released in the body to let the brain know that a person has eaten enough.
  • Women's bodies have much higher levels of Leptin thus they should be able to push away from the table more easily than men. They don't.
  • Thousands of years ago, the conditions can best be described as feast or famine. Babies don't handle famine well so women's bodies evolved with fat storage areas in buttocks, belly areas and thighs.
  • In times of abundance, women would eat as much as they could to put on fat the feed baby when the hard times came. It was a survival mechanism for the human race.
  • The problem is that our bodies still use the genetic blueprint we developed all those years ago. There is no famine for us. That's why baby fat is so hard to lose.

Our bodies don't know about genes and what happens is that many of us develop a Leptin resistance. What this boils down to is that you don't get the "enough" sign till way past the time they have eaten their fill.

Does it really have that big an effect? The image below shows 2 female mice of the same age. The one on the right is a normal mouse, the one on the left was bred to not have any Leptin. It's brain never gets the "you've eaten enough" signal. The results are obvious.

Women who develop Leptin resistance suffer from the same effect as the mouse on the left. Their bodies resist the "enough" signal and they keep eating. That's why so many diets fail.

They don't take into account the effects of Leptin and especially Leptin resistance. A woman has little chance of winning against this stacked deck. Seems hopeless, doesn't it?

Here is a video of real user experiences.

The Venus Factor Review - Good News For Women

The Venus Factor story starts with a young physiology professor at the University of Florida named John Barban. He has a little sister that he loves dearly named Lisa.

Lisa was a bit overweight all through high school. She eventually got married and had a baby. Her weight exploded and John was worried sick over his little sister. She felt so bad that he got the impression that she might become suicidal.

He dove headlong into a research project to see what the chemistry and biology was that caused obesity in women. Slowly but surely, he made some progress until one day he stumbled upon the Leptin dilemna.

Overweight women weren't fat because they were weak of will. They were fighting a stacked deck. Their bodies were only doing what they were programmed for at the most basic level.

It wasn't their fault.

You can watch his video where he explains what he found and how he developed a program that saved his little sister. The before and after pictures sure proves that he is right on the money and that his program works.

In effect, it takes into account the effects of Leptin resistance and turns it around so that Leptin, instead of your body using it as a hormonal "excuse" for eating more is used to cut appetite drastically. There is no fighting hunger and no unhealthy diet plan. 

The Venus Factor Review - What's In It?

I'm a social person. One of the greatest tools of the Venus Factor program for me was their forum. On it, I have made many friends who have gladly shared experiences and solutions that were priceless as I proceeded on my journey to wellness.

The program has educated me in how my body works, the effects of Leptin and has taught me how to not only reverse the effects of Leptin resistance, but to keep them reversed.

I expected to get an ebook and maybe some instructions. They have many bonus videos on workouts and sensible exercise. I don't have to try to turn myself into a pretzel.

I find this program easy to follow and complete in every way. What pleased me immensely was the educational part of the program. John Barban has written a thoughtful and very professional guide that taught me what I needed to know. I guess you could say he wrote it as if he was writing it for a beloved little sister.

The process is totally natural. According to this Venus Factor Review, the results are uncommon.

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Bonuses: Venus Factor Workouts to help you lose weight even faster, 143 premium video coaching lessons

Guarantee: Full 60 day money back guarantee.

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By the way, do you want to find out more about Leptin and the Venus Factor program? Click on this Venus Factor review  link. There is so much to learn and so much to enjoy in a body you understand and are so proud of.

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