The Venus Factor quick weight loss program: Clearly you have good reason to be doubtful, but keep an open mind for the next few minutes if you can. Certainly you have doubts and misgivings.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way and want the encouraging sense of support of an exclusive, free social group for women just like you (you will never be alone!), then this could be the most important article you will ever read.

As you scan every word of this article, you will have one "Aha!" moment after another. You will discover new ways of thinking. This will work for you. Clearly nothing can beat a set of tools that works around your natural female hormones!

  • Demand to know all about female weight loss success.
  • Understand weight loss truths and myths..
  • Learn how this has applied to diet attempts in the past.
  • Feel the feeling of victory.

Listen to the story of how a young researcher, desperate to help his horribly depressed overweight little sister stumbled upon an amazing discovery that became known as the Venus Factor .

Watch a whole bunch of Venus Factor "Before and after" pictures and videos and discover the one tool these women found the most helpful.

Study the Venus Factor for yourself.

  • Allow its hormone loophole to rocket you to that life transformation you've been fantasizing about.
  • Read every word of this report. You will be amazed at how simple this is and stunned at why nobody ever discovered this before.
  • Remind yourself that few slim people understand what its like to try so hard to lose weight only to have it explode back on again.
  • Breathe a great sigh of relief when you learn why "baby fat" is so hard to get rid of.

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 You're so proud of your baby, but you agonize over the fat you put on, how it refuses to leave and the double takes that people do when they see you. You can almost hear them saying, "My God, but she's put on weight!" The further on you read, you'll begin to understand what a painful, stacked deck you've been facing.

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Maybe you've tried weight loss pills like Qsymia, Phentermine or even T3's with little effect or the side effects were too scary to continue. Bariatric or stomach surgery is always an option, but no matter how good the surgeon, surgery always involves risks.

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Weight Loss

So, now it seems to you that you have to choose between being fat, unattractive and unhealthy or struggling like mad to loose a few pounds that likely are going to creep back on again.

venus factor quick weight loss program

As I implant these words in your brain, you will begin to notice that something in you is resonating with another truth. A gentle instinct in your heart is saying, "It doesn't have to be this way".

Keep reading. There is one common villain behind all this agony.

1. First, you must believe that it is not your fault. How can you win when you are fighting your own genetics? Quick weight loss seems impossible with any weight loss program you've checked out. Are you beginning to see how you've been on an almost impossible mission?

2. Weight can be taken off only to come roaring back on again because you have been fighting a stacked deck. The playing field is not even. The diy Venus factor evens it out giving you an excellent chance for a long range weight loss.

Any healthy, female hormone weight loss program must recognize that you've been swimming upstream against a terrible current of ancient human history and your belief that somehow, you are weak and therefor incapable of "taking care of yourself".

Natural health supplements have not done their jobs either.

The more you keep reading this document, the more you are starting to feel that this knowledge is power, the power to control your own health destiny.

venus factor quick weight loss program

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Fat Loss

3. The female body is a wonderful thing, but unlike your female mind which is rooted firmly in the twenty first century, your female body is still living in cave person days. No, it has nothing to do with what women ate back then, it is how and why the female body evolved as it did.

Imagine that with this healthy, female hormone, weight loss success program you could change this ancient part of your genetic make up!

4. Part of the dilemna stems from the fact that some "healthy foods" can trigger your body to store fat like crazy while some so-called "bad" foods can actually trigger a fat loss reaction.

venus factor quick weight loss program

It has to do with the body's chemistry and development over thousands of years. Let your thoughts focus upon this article and what it is teaching you.

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Healthy Eating

5. Your body's metabolism still lives where your ancestors lived thousands of years ago. There was feast and famine, but mostly famine. When there was lots to eat, women's bodies instinctively stored as much fat as possible for when the lean times came. It was their business to make milk for baby and storing fat was the best way to ensure the survival of the little ones.

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Even when a woman wasn't breast feeding, who could tell when she would become pregnant? Hungry times would sometimes last for years. Baby fat is so hard to lose because your body is screaming, "No, gotta save it for baby!" even if you are not pregnant or going to be. Losing pregnancy weight is sometimes called leptin resistance and, again, is out of your control.

venus factor quick weight loss program

Are you beginning to see why the task of losing weight has seemed almost impossible?

Oh, if only you could get successful expert advice from someone who's been there and helped someone dear to them to succeed! Like a cancer doctor advising his little girl. That was basically the heart breaking minefield that John Barban, the researcher behind the diy Venus factor discovery faced.

6. STOP! Remember this! The culprit behind all this is the master hormone Leptin. It controls your body's metabolism way beyond something you could normally control until now. Men's bodies also have leptin, but in a much smaller amount.

It was always suspected that hormones and weight loss were inter-related. Now it is understood. Let that be the biggest lesson you take away from this female weight loss article. Your body's ancestry has been conspiring against you.

Little by little, you become free of the doubt that you started off with a minute ago.

venus factor quick weight loss program

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Alternative Medicine

7. A recent discovery in medicine revealed what this hormone does. Harnessing it is like finding a hormonal loophole. Knowing what it does in your body is only the beginning. You want to know what triggers this thing and then understand how the DIY Venus Factor can guarantee that you lose weight with the least effort.

Actually, finding out how to easily activate this hormone to go into overdrive to fire up your metabolism is like having a personal trainer without having to go through the grizzly work outs.


Imagine scenes of stepping on the scale and seeing several more pounds have been lost with little effort and the double takes people do now are in wonder at how must you have lost.

This discussion of the diy Venus factor exposes only the tip of the iceberg. Not managing to lose weight and keeping it off is not your fault. It is hard to imagine succeeding without an incredible amount of determination and stress.

Fortunately, modern medicine has discovered another hangover from our ancestors and has figured out how to use it to achieve the results YOU choose.

By the way, do you want to learn more about this immensely powerful hormone loophole and how to harness it for yourself? If so, watch this short video on the Venus Factor.                                                         

Good luck and best wishes always!

P.S. This recently discovered healthy female hormone weight loss success program is not all milk and honey. It does require a little effort and yes, exercise does make the process work faster, if you want it to go faster. Being well informed, however, you make all the decisions and you reap all the benefits.

P.P.S. The video above and the program description is for women only. Sorry, guys!

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Weight Gain

In the DIY Venus Factor scenario, men and women have to deal with different issues when it comes to many aspects of their body and weight loss is no exception.This causes female weight loss problems and it even makes a difference which female body shape one has.

This is because the hormonal environment is different from man to woman. For starters testosterone and estrogen are dramatically different from man to woman and even more specific to weight loss leptin levels are also different.

The DIY Venus Factor takes into account what role the incredibly powerful hormone Leptin plays in the control of appetite, metabolism and the signals involved in weight gain and weight loss. Leptin levels rise when you eat and fall when you’re not eating. This helps control your sense of hunger and your metabolic rate to keep you from gaining or losing weight. As long as they don’t rise too high or fall too low you’ll remain weight stable and feel fine.

weight management

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Crow's Feet

The DIY Venus Factor takes into account how quickly and ‘hard’ leptin levels can fall and you will find it very difficult to lose weight. In fact you can eventually crash and experience big rebound weight gain.

This is dramatic rise and fall of leptin could very well be what is causing so many restrictive diets to fail and so many people to gain all the weight back and then some!

This effect seems to be worse in women than in men and it’s because women have higher leptin levels to start with that drop far lower than a mans when they diet.

venus factor quick weight loss program

In other words, when it comes to leptin levels and dieting, women have higher female hormones ‘highs’ and lower ‘lows’. It’s these dramatic swings in leptin that can lead to the crash and rebound weight gain that so many women experience on standard restrictive diets.

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Weight Management Program

In contrast a man’s leptin levels rise and fall very predictably and within a relative small range. The DIY Venus Factor teaches you how to watch for this. The high’s aren’t too high and the low’s aren’t too low, and as a result men can follow a pretty mundane, straight forward calorie restrictive diet and make it through to the end without a major crash or rebound and essentially lose all the weight they want.

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This explains why men seem to have an easier time losing weight than women. Or to say it another way, weight loss for men is pretty straight forward and doesn’t require much creativity when it comes to the diet.

The DIY Venus Factor recognizes that women on the other hand experience dramatic swings in leptin that require a more intelligently designed diet to minimize these big swings in leptin levels. One of the techniques that has become popular is the idea of adding in a ‘cheat’ day.

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Celebrity Body Transformations

This is a day during your diet program where you’re instructed to eat more food and more carbs specifically to attempt to bring your leptin levels back up after days and days of dieting and lowering your leptin levels. Knowing that leptin drops farther and faster in women it stands to reason that the ‘cheat day’ is a more useful tool for women as well. But the concept of ‘cheating’ seems a bit problematic to me and needs some adjustments’.

I don’t like the word ‘cheat’ as it implies you’re doing something wrong, and it also implies that you should be going ‘all out’ on junk food and whatever else you can get your hands on. This leaves the door open to really overdoing that day. Female health can't be maintained this way.

I would rather call it a strategic ‘eat-up’ day.

The DIY Venus Factor stresses why women need these strategic “eat-up” days throughout their weight loss program to prevent their leptin levels from crashing and rebound weight gain from happening. And they need these days more often than men.

The Venus Factor Quick Weight Loss Program - Weight Loss Treatment

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For example a man could probably make it two or even three weeks eating very low calories and minimal carbs without having a serious crash in leptin levels and thus no major consequences to their weight loss progress.

Women on the other hand need a to add in these ‘eat up’ days weekly to keep leptin levels consistent and keep the fat burning going.

To say it another way, we’re really talking about is hitting the sweet spot between just enough ‘diet days’ combined with just enough ‘eat up’ days.

As a woman once you hit this sweet spot the fat will come off faster than you think and the process itself will be much more enjoyable because you get to take periodic breaks from the diet.

That sounds like a win-win scenario to me!


The sane, easy and healthy Venus Factor quick weight loss program... naturally!

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