7 Fascinating Tips Regarding The Venus Factor Female Weight Loss Macros

The Venus Factor female weight loss macros: You don't know it yet, but at the conclusion of this report, you will feel a warm and fuzzy feeling of hope. Certainly, you love your family, but you obviously want to stay healthy and attractive.

You've tried hard and you lost weight, but it all came back with a vengeance. Maybe you never managed to lose weight. You love your baby, but you hate the fat that won't come off. Weight loss tips for females are about to get a new chapter added to them!

Venus Factor Female Weight Loss Macros -

You're about to find out why it's not your fault and what you can do about it.

1. It is hard to stop fighting, but what you resist, persists. The war on drugs and so many other "wars" are not successful because they fight against something. That's not the way of the universe.

If you want something to happen, embrace the feeling of its being done. Great changes occur. Mother Terresa understood this. She was once asked to join a march against the Viet Nam war. She refused saying, "Have a march for peace and I'll be there."


2. Every time you try to lose weight you are going against the natural grain of your female body. Try as you might, it is never easy. What is especially heart breaking is when all the fat comes raging back on with a vengeance and usually settling in comfortably at several pounds above what you started out at!

Be kind to yourself. It's not your fault and you are about to find out that it is not hopeless. Little by little you begin to see that you have been needlessly hard on yourself.

Venus Factor Female Weight Loss Macros -

3. Your mind is the mind of a modern day woman, but your body is still following the programs set down thousands of years ago. Welcome to the female hormone levels and weight loss merry-go-round.

Back then, everyone faced starvation most of the time and a woman's body adjusted to deal with this. Her main job was to feed the baby and when there was food, it stored up as much fat as possible.

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This gave junior a better chance at survival.You're probably wondering what this has got to do with you. Everything.

4. No amount of fighting will remove the results of the hormonal programming. What works best is to learn how your body is genetically programmed and work around it. This might seem like a huge task, but recent advances in research have identified the villain that keeps you fat despite your best efforts. Imagine knowing what the enemy is!

Venus Factor Female Weight Loss Macros -

5. The root cause is a hormone called Leptin. It is the trigger that commands your metabolism. In ancient times, a woman wanted to store as much fat as possible because there was no knowing how long lean times would last or when she might get pregnant again.

Women have lots more Leptin than men do so it really is the big bully in your body. Are you beginning to feel that this is something you can use to your advantage?

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6. Because of your hormonal setup, some healthy foods actually trigger weight gain. All the while that you think you are eating well, sometimes you are actually working against yourself.

Female hormone levels and weight loss are so closely inter-related. Now, I want you to go deep into your mind and visualize the terrible battle that's been going on inside of you.

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7. Weight loss tips for females: Some foods that you would consider poor in nutritional value actually cause Leptin levels to rise and weight loss occurs.  Now, finally, you are enlightened about how your body conspires against you.  


Knowing about Leptin, its effects on your body and how you can direct it to do your bidding are like finding a hormonal loophole in the fabric of your life! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a freight train :-). Learning about female hormone levels and weight loss will rocket you to that complete life transformation that you have been dreaming of.

By the way, do you want to learn more about Leptin and how to harness it to painlessly lose weight? If so, watch this information rich, short female weight loss video. It is called the Venus effect.


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