The Venus Factor enjoying weight loss program: Certainly you have doubts and misgivings. Clearly you have good reason to be doubtful, but keep an open mind for the next few minutes if you can.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way  and want the encouraging sense of support of an exclusive, free club of women just like you, then this could be the most important article you will ever read.

As you scan every word of this article, you will have one "Aha!" moment after another. You will discover new ways of thinking. This will work for you. Clearly nothing can beat a set of tools that works around your natural female hormones!

  • Demand a program that is built around a healthy diet.
  • Understand weight management tips and ask questions if in doubt.
  • Learn about diabetes and other disease symptoms.
  • Feel yourself using healthy recipes.

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If you have tried one weight loss program after another without ever being successful for long, you are probably making some big diet mistakes. Even if you are given the best diet plan in the world (the DIY Venus Factor), it won't work if your attitude is wrong.

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The following 3 major diet mistakes are responsible for hundreds or thousands of people going off plan and failing to achieve the weight loss that they deserve. Take the time to consider what effect they may be having on you.

The Venus Factor Enjoying Weight Loss - Expecting Perfection

Even with something as advanced as the Venus Factor Pdf set of tools. Nobody is perfect. We have all heard that statement countless times, but many of us still find it hard to apply it to ourselves and our diets. We take an all-or-nothing approach, thinking we have to stick to our diet plan 100% of the time, perfectly, or there's no point following it at all.

This puts huge pressure on us and makes us feel terrible if we slip up. It also means that after a slip-up we are likely to think, "I've messed up yet another diet, I just can't do this," or "This diet doesn't work," and abandon it. In short, perfection-related diet mistakes mean that we will use the smallest slip-up as an excuse for a massive binge.

Weight loss retreats for women can help, but the self destrutive thoughts follow you home.

This problem is worst for dieters who like to follow very restricted plans where no treats are allowed. Inevitably, life gets in the way and instead of planning how to cope with the challenge of a party or a wedding, they try to eat nothing all day, (which is something the DIY Venus Factor strongly discourages) only to cave in at the event, abandoning the diet completely.


Your weight loss program should not be a straight downward line. It's OK to have occasional diet mistakes, slips and gains along the way, as long as the overall trend is downward. And it's much better in the long term to lose weight slowly. It's much more likely to stay off that way. That's the attitude that is brought forward in the Venus Factor Pdf.

The Venus Factor Enjoying Weight Loss - The Band-Aid Attitude To Dieting

People who see a diet as a temporary measure will often pick very restricted eating plans and then go back to their old eating habits after the diet ends. If you do that, all of the weight will go back on, in 99% of cases. We call this the band-aid approach to dieting, and it's the second of our major diet mistakes.

 Unless you only have a few pounds to lose, it is much better to pick an eating plan that gives you the Venus Factor Pdf flexibility. You need something that you can follow for weeks, months or even years. In fact, you need something that will allow you to live your life.

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Instead of using a band-aid, you need a diet that will become like a new skin: a permanent way of eating that will enable to maintain your goal weight after you achieve it.

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The Venus Factor Enjoying Weight Loss - The Wrong Goals For Your Diet

Even for weight loss retreats for women. In  anything that we do, goals should be clear, set out in steps and achievable. In terms of weight loss, this means that as well as having an idea of your ideal weight or clothes size, you should also set smaller goals along the way, and reward yourself for each one achieved (but not with food!).

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Be flexible about your weight loss program final goal: as you approach it, you may want to change it. That's OK. If you avoid these diet mistakes and have the right attitude toward dieting, you will be able to achieve a weight that you are happy with - and that is much more important than numbers.

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