The Venus Factor Before And After Weight Loss Videos And Pictures

Venus factor before and after weight loss videos: Facing Feelings While Losing Weight

It's true that people are overweight because they eat more than their bodies need ... not just once but day after day.

However, the reason that we do this, is often emotional.

As we have said before, eating has a sedative effect. The blood sugar is raised, serotonin production goes up and we feel happier and more peaceful after a meal or after a carbohydrate snack.

In many cases, we learned to deal with difficult feelings by eating, and we began so long ago that the process has now become unconscious. We are not even aware of the feelings, because we automatically reach for the cookie jar before the feelings have a chance to come to the surface.

This means that when we begin a diet, cutting out all or some of those quick release high carb foods, we are often unprepared for the difficult feelings that may arise.

So next time that you feel an 'uncontrollable' urge to grab something sweet or starchy, take a moment to look at what is really going on. Probably something just happened that set up an emotional reaction for you. Did someone say something that might have made you angry (even if you are not aware of feeling angry)? Did something you heard or saw remind you of a sad event in your life?

It may feel very uncomfortable to let your feelings come to the surface in this way. You may have been stuffing them down with food since childhood. Keep trying, and eventually you will be able to handle them.

Working with a therapist or in a group can be a huge help with the emotional issues that often lie under our weight problem. So do ask for help if you need it.

If we learn to live with the natural emotions that arise in our lives, we can stop using food as a sedative and lose our excess weight. The Venus factor before and after weight loss videos can help.

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Weight loss is literally a matter of life and death. Visit your doctor and work out a plan for yourself. After all, you're worth it!

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