Total Hip Replacement Recovery: "If you desperately want to learn how to pull off a successful total hip replacement recovery, obviously you want to learn everything you can so that you will quickly heal completely and If you want to wisely know about everything that will be involved, then reading this short article to the very end could be the most rewarding 2 minutes you will ever spend!               

I feel your pain. You've seen every doctor that you can. You've tried every medication recommended by your doctor, mother in law and local witch doctor. Some things helped, most didn't, but nothing seems to work for anymore. You know there is surgery, but something is holding you back.

Think about this:

  • Given the incredible advances in medicine and technology, it has never been easier to reach a state of well being free from pain and embarrassment.
  • It doesn't require great wealth, incredible determination, having the family at your side every moment, exotic foods and a long list of medications. It is a simple matter when one cuts through all the smoke.
  • Cutting through the smoke is the hard part.
  • In fact, if you have yet to experience the confidence to jump into this successfully, it likely has nothing to do with you.
  • Total hip replacement: I know of no procedure that has such a high success rate, one that has cleared intense pain from so many people, a process that can easily be prepared for and recovered from than total hip replacement. Unfortunately, few areas of medicine are more full of snake oil salesmen and con men than the field of pain relief.
  • Given the shell game of strategies, misinformation and downright deceit on the web, it's a wonder we are still able to connect and get the help that we need.
  • If this barrage of techno-jargon, pain killing drugs and home remedies has left you more confused than empowered, take a deep breath and relax. We're about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke, and make things as simple as possible for you to experience the total hip replacement recovery that you need and want.

As a matter of fact, we'll nail it down to a simple and very powerful process. With this simple system, we create an environment for ourselves that will take us into surgery performed by the best possible surgeon and into a complete recovery that happens quickly with a minimum of effort leaving us completely pain free.

But first, let's clear away some smoke.

Total Hip Replacement Recovery: Getting Started

Remember this: Half of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. You want the best possible surgeon to operate on you. a good guide is to ask around and find a surgeon that does at least 100 hip replacements per year. You don't have to settle for the doctor's recommendation which is usually a buddy of his. Ask your doctor about getting a surgeon with tons of very specific experience.

Always, always follow your doctor's advice and the advice of your surgeon, always.

There is one thing your medical people will warn you about and that is to avoid putting your upper leg in a position above 90 degrees to your torso. This is a recipe for catastrophe. Your hip replacement has not healed yet an could fall out of place. This is very painful, has to be redone and it is also dangerous.

There are 3 parts to a highly successful total hip replacement recovery.

  1. You prepare your body and the affected hip especially for the forthcoming surgery. A strong hip area with good muscle structure will subject itself very well to the invasion of the surgeon and will heal very quickly afterward. There are simple and highly effective exercises that will accomplish this easily and with a minimum of pain. You don't have to be Charles Atlas :-) Remember him?
  2. Your surgery is performed by highly qualified surgeons and your recovery is aided by highly trained physiotherapy professionals.
  3. Following all medical advice, you slowly challenge yourself every day to do a bit more, to go a little further.

Total Hip Replacement Recovery: What Do You Need To Know?

First of all, follow all medical advice to the letter. Most doctors will tell you that almost every time one of their patients badly hurt themselves after surgery is when they went way to far, way to fast.

Always keep in mind the 90 degree rule mentioned above. Never let your thigh go beyond the 90 degree mark relative to your body.

Here are some common situations that can be painful and downright dangerous if not done correctly, but that can be done safely and mostly pain free with the right training

  • Getting in and out of a chair that do not let your leg go past the 90 degree mark
  • Getting in and out of a car or bed can be very painful and dangerous in the beginning unless you follow some simple guidelines which makes it safe and mostly pain free. Remember this: all pain will quickly go away because you are following medical advice, you are taking the proper pain medication and you entered this with your leg/hip connection in good shape.
  • You must learn how to sleep on all sides so that you can sleep soundly and thus heal ever quicker.
  • Help won't always be there if you drop something on the floor. There are simple tricks that will allow you to pick something up without hurting yourself and observing that incredibly important 90 degree rule.
  • There is a 45 degree position that can be very dangerous, but there is an easy way to get around it safely.

Doing the above will take us seamlessly through to a bright future that is pain free that will leave us with a deep feeling of well being that we haven't experienced in years. 

By the way, do you want to find out more about how to experience a total hip replacement recovery? This link takes you to a page that led me to look forward to a total hip replacement. Let's get 'er done.

Recovery need not take a long time or require a lot of pain. This fella takes us right through his own journey through all this. Check it out.

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