10 Excellent Small Business Ideas

Here are 10 small business ideas that aren't that common so you have a good chance of making a "go" of it. Read further down to find out how to make a sure thing of any of them:

  • Open a small canning specialty shop. Sell equipment, classes and so on.
  • Open a shop specializing in swords. Buy, sell or trade.
  • Build custom blinds and give classes in how to select the best ones for an application.
  • Make all kinds of special and unusual birthday cakes.
  • Sell costumes. Make custom ones if you have the patience.
  • Have a small specialty shop dealing only in horror movies. Sell the movies, the posters, costumes and so on.
  • Home theater is big business. Become an expert. Give classes, sell and install the products.
  • Open a herb shop. Specialize in plants from certain parts of the world.
  • If you can draw, give classes in cartoon drawing, water color painting and so forth.
  • Become an expert in digital photography, stock the equipment and software and give classes.
There are some down sides to all of these small business ideas.

  • You have to operate from home.
  • You will have customers in your face all the time.
  • You will have to deal with customer complaints and quite possibly have strangers traipsing into your house all the time. That's not what work from home is supposed to be about.
  • It is also possible that there is not enough of a market in your area.

There is one way that ALL of these small business ideas could be made into fun, profitable enterprises. They can all be made into niche websites with none of the negatives mentioned above. Best of all, you have the whole world for your market. No matter how specialized the business, you can make it succeed. That's the power of the internet. This will let you work from home on your terms.

Small Business SEO

As you go about the business of deciding what kind of buisness you want to start and whether it will be online, keep in mind the information in this section.

Even if you are considering small business ideas that involve customers coming to the house and so on, be aware that you still want to have a presence on the internet. Local online business is getting to be really big and you can bet that your competitors are getting into it. It is very effective.

As you choose a business name, try to keep the internet in the back of your mind. What this involves is called seo. This stands for search engine optimization.

What it involves is making the content of your online site in a format that is attractive to the search engine software. This is an important step in your work from home journey.

Lets say your name is Barb, you live in New Jersey and you are thinking of opening a dog grooming salon in your garage. Your ego says you should call it Barb's-Dog-Grooming.com but the search engines won't pay much attention to your site. What they want is relevant content and that includes in the url

If the name was available, you might want New-Jersey-Dog-Grooming.com or something like that. You want the url to tell the search engine robots what you are all about and where you are.

That is small business seo.

If you were a blacksmith living outside of Billings, Montana, you might go for something like www.blacksmithing-billings.com and so on.

One common thing to do is make sure the words in the url appear in the header of your site, the first 90 characters of text and in about 1% of the text. The search engines are also looking for this.

If, on the other hand, you were considering small business ideas that operate quietly from home, your small business seo will be different. Here, location doesn't matter as either you will ship products yourself, just have electronic products that you download on the web or be an affiliate for a company that will do all that for you (affiliate marketing).

For this, learn to mine the web for keywords that are a part of your business. Google will help you with this. This is the ultimate work from home scenario.

If, for example, you opened a gardening site and you specialized in growing tomatoes, you might find www-tomato-hydroponics.com useful or something like that.

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The Small Home Business Idea

Don't let competition scare you. Where you live makes a great deal of difference as does what type of business you are considering. If you live in New York and you want to open a dog grooming salon, it'll be a steep uphill climb to make a buck.

Find a sub niche that you can cater to. The internet market out there is so huge there is bound to be a demand for custom dog toenail decorating or something highly specialized like that.

The big problem now is to get noticed. This can be expensive and not so productive. Again, the internet can help. Learn to build an effective web site and the engines will bring highly targeted traffic to your site. Highly targeted means they are just about ready to buy.

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Work From Home

To work from home is what this is all about. Isn't it the dream of the twenty-first century?

With high speed internet, a computer in every house and the world wide web doubling in size and traffic every couple of years, it is the most magical time in history.

Never before could the average person be able to create their own future as he or she can now using these small business ideas. To work from home is within the grasp of most anyone. It is certainly within the grasp of anyone willing to work because that is the common currency of success on the web. Work.

Work From Home. I hope you achieve it for yourself. Take your time and examine all the small business ideas you can come up with.