Sitesell review: I am frequently asked if Sitesell is worth the price and effort.

If you are definitely serious about creating a good income from the internet, if you certainly are ambitious and if you are definitely ok with the idea of starting risk free and learning in your spare time, then...Reading this short review to the very end might be the most profitable 2 minutes you will ever spend.

Remember this:

  1. The World Wide Web is the largest, richest and most easily accessible market that has ever existed, and it's free for you to join! You already have the basic requirements which are a computer and internet access. The way things are, you can create an online presence that you will love, something that will set you free.
  2. The internet is full of snake oil salesmen, con artists and get rich quick gurus. I must confess that I have fallen for some of their glittering lures. There is no get rich quick. If you haven't reached the level of success that you dream of yet, it has little to do with you. There is only one way to succeed online.
  3. The only way to succeed online is to go slow and easy. There is much to learn. Despite all the confusion, noise and smoke screens you are facing, slow and sure always wins the day. Always. So, ...
  4. Take it easy, take a deep breath and relax. We are about to take aim at the confusion and lies that have been keeping you from succeeding.

First, we are going to blow away that smoke and destroy the confusion.

Why are you here right now?

  • If you are definitely looking to make money online,
  • If you preferably want to do it using Google search engine marketing,
  • If you wisely want to take no risks,
  • If you are eagerly looking for a new business opportunity,
  • And if you dearly want to work from home then...,

...Watch this very short video right now. It sums up what you can accomplish for yourself using the Site Build It suite of tools and their business blueprint. How much does it cost? A buck a day. The results?*

 * Does Site Build It work? You're looking at a Site Build It site right now. This site is one of my Site Build It sites. It's main search term is 'home online incomes'. It is ranked #1 at Google for that search term against 464,000,000 competitors! It works.

Check Out Their Free Trial

The Sitesell Review - First The Basics

Every successful online business follows a simple, but extremely powerful CTPM process that the whole Sitesell system revolves around.

C - Content. High quality information on your site.

T - Traffic. Get some. The best traffic is organic visitors from the search engines. You can also buy it (risky).

P - Preselling. This is being so knowledgeable about the subject of your site that your visitors naturally assume you are an expert.

M - Monetization. This is where you either have products of your own to sell or you go the affiliate marketing route.

Jill's true story...

I have been using the Sitesell system for many years. Does it work? How did you end up here :-)

Click on this link to get a bird's eye view of the CTPM pocess and see what Sitesell has helped people accomplish.

Sitesell Review - Tools And The System

My Sitesell review:

Sitesell is a complete toolkit and system that allows you to learn as you go. They break the learning/building process into 10 "days" that are not actually days. They are periods of time determined by you.

The process is a lot like the way things were in high school science classes. The teacher would tell us what we were going to learn and then we'd end up in a lab doing experiments. We would learn by doing.

It all begins with the Action Guide, a free 100 page ebook that takes you by the hand through the process. The best advice I can give anyone that decides to give this thing a good try is to read the Action Guide, read it again, print it up, read the printed copy and take lots of notes. It is that important.

It will teach all you need to know about the CTPM process discussed above.

If you are not interested in something like that, I urge you to leave this page now and go get one of those $0.99 specials from Hostgator or Godaddy. The information is that important, the concepts that powerful.

They strongly encourage you not to register your domain name right away. As a matter of fact, they are quite addament about it. There are many good reasons for waiting, but it is tough holding back from registering your domain name. Please wait.  

The system can be purchased for about the price of a cup of coffee per day. This includes all keyword search tools, website software, web hosting and yes, it also includes free registering of your domain name.

There are 4 other ebooks above and beyond the critically important Action Guide. There is never any extra charge at Sitesell so these are free also. They contain such titles as:

  • Make your content presell
  • Make your knowledge sell
  • Make your words sell
  • Make your price sell

The Sitesell review: The whole process revolves around your advancing slowly, but surely through the maze of the internet and how to start and grow a highly profitable web business. The whole focus is on how to make money online.


  • Complete system and tool kit. Never any extra charge.
  • Incredible support team.
  • It's been called the MBA of ecommerce
  • There is a fun and informative forum
  • The software is constantly being upgraded
  • With a few mouse clicks, your site can be mobile ready


  • There is so much to learn and get a feel for. It can be daunting, but well worth it.
  • An ezine of your own can be published, but I find that part of the software clunky. I pay $20 a month to to get great opt-in software. You don't need this in the beginning. You my never need it. Your choice.

Product Ranking:

Product Details:

Format: Instant download videos and ebooks

Price: $29.00 U.S./month or $299.00 U.S./year.

File size: Unknown. Changes by the day

Publisher: Dr.Ken Evoy, Montreal, Canada

Sold by: Sitesell

Language: English or French

Bonuses: Many extra videos, webinars and a forum that is excellent.

Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee

By the way, do you want to find out more about Sitesell than this sitesell review didn't cover and the CTPM process? Visit the Sitesell review main page. Sitesell or Solo Build It, as some call it, has changed thousands of lives.

What does it mean to me? I am disabled. This toolkit allows me to go forward the way I want to. To me it is freedom on my terms. Let it be the pathway to whatever you dream of.

Good luck and God bless

Best Wishes Always!

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