I am frequently asked, "How does search engine marketing work and are there still opportunities online for the average person or have all the opportunities been snapped up?"

The truth of the matter is that the time has never been better for someone to start an online business. If you haven't found anything that looks promising or that it seems something you can do, it's not your fault. The internet is a teeming jungle of snake oil salesmen, smoke and mirrors.

Considering the shell games of the "get rich quick crowd" and the smoke and mirrors that chokes up the internet, it's no wonder that so few of us find our way to success.

If all the noise and hype on the web has left you confused, discouraged and stuck in the mind set that there is no way you will ever set yourself free with an online business, sit back, relax and take a deep breath.

We are going to clear away the smoke and make things as easy as possible for you. As a matter of fact, we will boil it all down to 5 basic principles you will want to get your head around. After that, we will take aim at all the hype and noise out there so that you can see yourself building a life style that you will love.

Most everything you need to succeed is already made available to you. As a business, you need something to sell. Using a process called affiliate marketing, you can build a business on virtually anything risk free.

By the way, do you want to find out more about how affiliate marketing works and the system I use to create and build sites like this one? Read my article on "Affilorama" which describes the tools I use and the source I use to learn and furnish them

Search Engine Marketing - How Does It Work?

Choose something you really love and/or something you are really expert at as the theme of your site. 

You will have to build a website of some sort. Not to worry, it is not hard and can be up and running in days. As you read above, the internet is all about information. The most successful and easiest sites to build are information sites.

Why is that? If information is the basic currency, then you can build a site rich in information.

For example, let's say you love soap making. That is an excellent subniche for you to create a site on.

Research is very important before you start. Look at the screenshot below. It is the result of a search engine keyword tool that is part of the site building software package I use.

I made an inquiry about "soap".

Look at the value demand column. It shows the monthly world wide demand for the different keywords shown. If you had thought of naming your site simple-soap-making.com you could hope to maybe get a share of 449 views per month. You'd be broke in no time.

If you named it something like soap-recipes.com you would be getting a good chunk of the 211,660 searches per month.

Can you see why research is so important?

Search Engine Marketing - How To Start

After you've decided what you want to market, you will need something to sell. You can either have products of your own to sell or be a representative for someone else. This is called affiliate marketing and it is the easiest,most risk free way to start in almost any business.

A typical online business transaction would work like this:

Someone makes a search on training their dog not to bark, let's say. If your site was expert at this, you could either have books you wrote that could be sent out, videos you created and can send out as dvd's by mail or in "instant download" form as a video.

Your dog site might also have accessories like collars and such for sale. These you could either stock and send out yourself or you could be an affiliate for different dog product companies.

You could be an affiliate for Amazon and sell any dog books you know to be good and you could also sell all kinds of pet products as their affiliate. You could be an affiliate for all kinds of companies. It is always free to join and is risk free for you. You don't have to stock a single item!

I used a dog site example here, but the exact same thing applies to anything from airplane tundra tires to huge asphalt paving machines. Few companies on earth don't have an affiliate program.

Search Engine Marketing - Traffic

As you could see with my soap example above, the words and subjects you cover in your site are critical. Not only will your visitors be happy with your site, the search engines will get to love it too.

Everything that happens on your site is under close scrutiny by the search engines.

They always monitor:

  • What terms visitors use to find your site.
  • How long do they stay on it?
  • How many pages do they move around to?
  • Do they buy before leaving?
  • Do you have a good stock of companies to represent?
  • And dozens more criteria.

If you take your time in learning how business on the internet works, how to attract quality traffic and take the time to learn how to build a website properly, you will prosper.

The search engine marketing software I use is called Site Build It (SBI) and they are based in Montreal, Canada. For a dollar a day, I get everything I need to build successful websites, everything. And there is nothing else to buy, not ever, not even your domain name.

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By the way, would you like to know more about search engine marketing? I urge you to click on this search engine marketing link. It will take you to the Solo Build It questions page. Live chat, toll free or email, the answers are yours free, the information priceless.   


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