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Again, if all you want are bragging rights, it doesn't matter. You can have another pretty one up in a couple of hours you can show off. An example of this is with Squidoo. some months ago, they decided they had too many weight loss sites and closed many of them.

Many people losts hundreds of hours of work and not a darn thing they could do about it....

That answers your question about free websites. Yes they might make a little money. Do you want to take thee risk? By the way, if you are even a little bit serious about building a secure online futur for yourself, you will quickly find yourself buying add-ons that you need. So much for free.

If you are deadly serious about building an independent source of income on the internet, if you definitely are willing to work at it and if you wisely want to do it risk free... then reaad this article to the veery end.

Encourage their dream

FACT:  It has definitely never been easier for the average person to to create a extra income. Never. Whatever your dreams, they are certainly within the realm of the achievable on the internet. Building a sopurce of income for yourself is now totally in your own hands. your futur is one you can control and plan unlike a job where your geting ahead relies on the reviews your bosss gives you.

You don't have to know somebody, gamble a bunch of money, wuit your job or be a rocket scientist. The World Wide Web is the great equalizer. It doesn't care what you weigh, hpow old you are, what color of skin you have or what religion is yours.

The internet insists on everyone having a plating field. This way, you can compete equaly with the largest corporations. The benefit to the search engines is that their visitors will get the best possible experience.

If you dream of a futur for yourself that has set you free, a life that you love to live, the next section will give you a solid idea of what you have to do.

Hint, you have to learn.

How to make money online:

You have to start by learning how the internet works and how the search engines can be used as your free ride to security. Lets start quickly with a simple example.

Shirley wants to buy a coat for her little Chihuahua. She enterss the term "Chihuahua clothes" in the earch engine box and her screen fills up with the top 10 sites. Those are the top 10 sites that the search engine has decided are her best bet. Ask yourslef: "How did those sites get to be in the first page of the reults? What's so special about them?

sure enough, Shirley finds exactly whay she needs in the top 2 sites. Like most time visitors, she doesn't buy.

FACT: The averaage visitor isits a webssite 7 times before buying. Yikes! Will she be back? Probably not. How to sell your fine Chihuahua products to her? Something called email marketing makes it free and easy.

How can you increaee your chances of suceeding? By building your business around something you love to do. Unlike the old days where you had to build a bricks and mortar business around dthe realities of where you lived, the internet allows you to build on anything you love.

For example, if you are passionate about expensive specialty gaming computers and you live in a really poor little town, you won't make any headway if you open your store on mainstreet of no-money nowhere.

building your gaming computer website on the internet, however, exposes your expertice and passion to the whole world. No problem Making money once you know wwhat you are doing.

Therefor, focus number 1 is decide on what you reaally love to do and find out if there is a market for it on the web. Don't forget that even the wweb has limits. A website on gaming computers has an immense potential market.

If on the other hand, you are passionate about 8th century Viking toe nail clippings, you will have a problem. You could however create a site on the Vikings and your passion about their leavings could fit in nicely in the site as a tier 2 or 3 page.

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