Sucess Secrets To Building A Sales Funnel.

Sales funnels are business tools that ALL successful online businesses are built on. You could say that a business without one is no business at all.

Don't Just Build A Website, Build An Internet Cash Machine!

Which Work From Home Type Are You?

A business is in serious trouble unless it has a decent amount of traffic coming into it, day in and day out. And this is exactly what happens to sites on the internet. The problem is that, on average, someone visits a site seven times before buying anything!

Chances are slim that this will happen unless you have a properly built sales funnel.

You'd think that pretty much every internet based business is thinking the same thing. Thankfully though, the majority haven't got a clue where to start and end up failing at the very first hurdle.

FACT: 99% of new online businesses fail within the first year. They aren't getting traffic and no traffic means no sales.

There are many variables, but the simple fact remains that there are some techniques you absolutely NEED to know about if you're going to succeed online! This is a critical one.

To make it happen, you need:

A list, to build up that targeted traffic

An autoresponder, to manage and help you build that list

An internet service provider (so you can do business on the web!)

A target market (you’re still trying to narrow down your ideal buyer and your sales pipeline!)

A payment processor, to collect cash in exchange for your services or products

A Domain name (or two) (or more) for your product or services sites

A blog, just a place where your market can get to know you

A website, to host your landing pages or sales offers…

And this is where it gets confusing...

You begin to research how to do these tasks - and discover there’s more than one way to use a website. There’s more than one way to use a blog – but which one is better for you? How will they help your sales pipeline?

Let's cut to the chase - you need to know how the above things work, and you need to put then together properly.

But All Of The Above Are TOTALLY USELESS Unless Your Sales Funnel Is Put Together Correctly!

A sales funnel is a term that is only really understood when you've got one up and running!

Until you've seen the POWER of a sales funnel and the automated opt-ins and sales it can bring you, you have no way to appreciate it's power.

You Are Leaving Money On The Table RIGHT NOW If You Don't Have A Well Thought Out Sales Funnel

The hardest part of marketing is to grab a lead. Once you've got him, the next problem is to make a sale.

Suppose you do that.

Then what?

Going after another lead is pure and simple HARD WORK. Sure you need to do it to develop your business, but at the same time it's SO MUCH EASIER to make another sale to your existing customer!

If you've sold him a $27 ebook then why not ask him if he wants to buy a $97 mini-course or a $125 DVD?

Sales funnels are about obtaining the most value from the leads and customers you've already gathered.

It's about guiding them through your products - ideally in a way that progressively adds more value to your bottom line - and services.

Without Understanding How to Effectively Use a Sales Funnel, Your Marketing Plan Just Won’t "Flow"

Just $1.99 which is what I charge for my other books published on Kindle."

My new Special ebook,
"The Beginner's Guide to Setting Up A Sales Funnel", will help you see the true importance of this simple, but vital little internet marketing tool and how to create your own custom version.

It will open the door on so many assets you may be currently missing out on…

Things like:

2 mistakes most new marketers make building their sales pipeline - even before they've had time to make them!

2 basic aspects to cover that will ensure maximum sales funnel success

12 tactics you'll need to effectively use, in order to make the most of every opportunity

5 vital functions you'll need to know perform - master these and you're well on your way to confidence and success

3 vital actions you must take - and 3 common sins you must avoid - if you want to create a successful squeeze page

7 basic, but necessary elements every squeeze page must contain

5 entry points to start with (and they'll help you think of even more)

The single most important new entry point tactic it's vital to know - miss this one, and you're turning your back on most of your new subscribers

Sales funnels have been around for a long time – and there’s a reason! They’re the most simple yet effective wealth gatheering tool you could ever implement. You see, they cover every potential angle – and help you see and avoid the potholes in the road long before you reach them.

They also teach you the real "need to know" stuff about internet marketing basics – and that’s just what you can download today in my special ebook! Create your own sales pipeline.

You’ll also learn valuable strategies such as:

4 Rules for creating freebies that people will value MORE than paid products!

5 most popular methods of providing irresistible freebies – and the 2 golden freebie rules you must never, ever forget!

The secret of $1 offers - and why you should (or should not) include them -as well as the secret asset $1 offers create

A foolproof way to effectively decided what your starting price point should be - no matter what product you're planning to create

4 places to effectively introduce upsells – and why

2 priceless assets low-price offers can give back to you - almost straight away

The single biggest upsell mistake almost every sales-funnel-ignoring new marketer makes

The single most infallible rule for making cross sells seem like favors your customers eagerly thank you for

2 factors that can add a powerful double whammy to every one-time offer

A powerful way to fit your products to your customers' needs even more

The single most vital product creation question smart marketers ask themselves, just as a regular habit

The single most urgent occasion when you should let your customers have it for less

2 major principles you need to observe, to move customers smoothly upwards through your rising price points

2 ways to help customers "leave" - and how to make that actually work for you

Now, if you’re sitting there blinking, wondering what just hit you, and worrying that it’s just too much to learn in one go – relax! I cover it all completely in the first 30 pages!

I’ve Focused on Cutting Out Every Distraction – and Giving You Only the Basic Core Facts you Need to Know Now

What’s more, we’ll quickly explore the vital differences between traditional sales funnel methods and brand new ones… Ones that have arisen out of increasing skepticism and sophistication on the part of today's buyers.

You’ll quickly learn:

The crucial difference between your journey and your customers' that you must always be fully aware of

2 rules to follow, when promoting affiliate products, to make both affiliates and customers love you

2 sales funnel super tips - and 12 deadly sales funnel mistakes!

2 vital steps to take, when preparing to generate opt-ins - and the single most important factor to focus on

3 steps you must take when capturing leads - no matter which method you select in deciding how to do this

The final important step you must take, to boost your profits to "big time" levels (you won't hit those numbers without it!)

Just $1.99 which is what I charge for my other books published on Kindle."

And if you’re worrying that you’ll get a basic "skim-over" in this report – one that won’t give you enough protein to chew on – please let me put your mind at rest! I may have cut out unnecessary distraction – but I’ve been careful to keep in everything you’ll need to implement essential facts, strategies, tactics and techniques.

(Now, I can’t build your business for you, or teach you how to use an autoresponder – but I can teach you how to make all these things a whole lot easier – by fitting them into your plans at the perfect pace and place.

And you may even learn about some things you haven’t come across yet – things you’ll be glad to know now, that would have caused problems further down the line!)

So if you’d finally like to put an end, once and for all, to not knowing which step to take next…

…if you really want to plan for success, in a way that makes you feel genuinely confident and assured…

Now is Your Chance To De-Mystify The Whole Sales Funnel Confusion!

Remember… knowing how to properly use the sales funnel model to map your internet marketing strategy is your very best way to:

Cut out confusion

Increase your confidence

Eliminate unnecessary work

Eliminate many "wrong steps" or unnecessary diversions

Increase your results – and long-term success!

So don’t wait any longer – help yourself to this powerful, effective internet marketing tool today! It also covers how to get sales leads free and how to invite sales inquiries from the internet.


"The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel RIGHT NOW!"

Just $1.99 which is what I charge for my other books published on Kindle."

Please note that whether you want to pay by any credit card or Paypal account, I use Paypal exclusively for all of them. This way your information is completely protected and, with a few mouse clicks, you can get your money back easily if you eventually choose to use my money back guarantee. This purchase is protected by Paypal and my personal 90 day guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply go back to Paypal and follow their simple instructions to get all your money back.

Thank you for spending this time with me learning how to create your own highly successful online business!

Best Wishes Always,

P.S. It’s the most powerful strategy you’ll ever use – and will demystify much of the remaining internet marketing mysteries bringing you confusion. Let a

sales funnel turn your web business into a web cash gusher!

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