Niche Marketing Earn Big By Thinking Small: If you're definitely the kind of person who wants to break free from the daily grind...

  • who desperately wants to build a secure source of income, preferably one on the internet
  • who absolutely wants to do it risk free,
  • who doesn't where or how to start
  • who surely needs to start at your own pace

then  reading this article to the very end will be the most profitable 3 minutes you will spend this year.

I know your frustration. You've tried building all the free websites and watched all your hard work amount to nothing. Yet, something is drawing you to building a secure income for yourself on the largest free market that has ever existed, the World Wide Web.

You've done everything. You've read the articles of the successful people yet success eludes you. You've grown tired of the get rich quick gurus with their smokescreens of deceit and lies yet something keeps you trying again and again.  And now...

.... I have some bad news for you :-(  Google does a lot of research and they have found that the average visitor to a website will return to it on average 7 times before buying anything even if your product or solution to their problem suits their needs exactly and your price is excellent.

Keep this information in mind no matter what kind of online business you eventually get into.

People just don't trust, but don't be afraid...

The good news is that there is an easy solution: email marketing. Visitors to sites are encouraged to leave their email addresses so they could be sent free stuff. The central idea here is that they are giving the website owner permission to visit them through their inbox! Done properly, this builds incredible trust very quickly.

This is a great way to get around the awful 7 visit barrier mentioned above.

Most websites have opt-in forms to get people to leave their email address in exchange for a freebie of some sort like a free ebook, report or video. Forms like this one are in common use. They worked for a while, but people quickly got tired of free reports, ebooks and so on.

The minute they see these little boxes, they scramble for the back button. A company named Leadpages changed the whole process.

They suggest that your freebie not be an ebook or report. Instead, they suggest a blueprint, resource or small set of digital tools that the average visitor might find useful. People want something useful and short.

People want instructions, how to and so on. The best example I have seen for something like this was a Youtube video on how to build a picnic table. The instructions were very good.

At the end, he asked people to swap their email address for a simple, 1 page PDF list of materials they would need to bring to the lumber yard to build their own picnic table. The idea worked great.

People want something simple like a plan, a blueprint or a simple list. This is what Leadpages teaches you how to do.

And now, for the real magic. Instead of a little plain, boring opt-in form like the one above, a company  named LeadPages introduced a whole new ball game. If you visited a winter vacation website, would you be more tempted to fill in a plain little form like the one above or the Leadpages example below?

Uh-huh, I thought so. Remember that all these squeeze pages open in a full screen representation like this.

The next example was created by someone who has a website dealing with comic books. Beautiful, isn't it?

The one below is one of their top performers that gets a really good click through rate.

Anything can be changed with a couple of mouse clicks. Background images, styles of boxes, which information is asked for and so on.

This one is my personal favorite and gives me a great CTR. Give it a moment to load the video. You can change the video to anything you like. Imagine a gardening site with flowers waving in the wind, an aircraft site with airplanes floating above the clouds or ... well.. you get the idea.

Most people are not aware of the 7 visitor phenomenon that Google found and it kills their dream of independence and freedom. They work and work to build a great site, they get traffic and little money comes in because they are not aware of and dealing with that 7 visit phenomenon.

Opt-ins are a brilliant and fun way to build trust and Leadpages offer the best in cutting edge squeeze page technology for about a dollar a day.

By the way, would you like to see more of what Leadpages can do to help you achieve your dreams like they did for me? The best way for me was to sign up for one of their 2 free weekly live webinars. You can reserve your spot here.

NOTE: What I liked the most is that you don't have to be one of their customers to gain immense benefit from what they teach.

I am frequently asked how someone can start small and grow at the pace they choose. The answer to what has been keeping you from succeeding is not undersstanding niche marketing. It is the perfect answer for anyone wanting to build a business online risk free.

Let's blow away the smoke and ruthlessly take aim at what is holding you back.

Ask any successful Internet marketer what the secret to online success is and you'll get a host of different answers.

Dig a little deeper and almost all of them will eventually tell you that one of the big secrets is to concentrate your efforts on a monetizable niche market.

So what is niche marketing and how do you find a niche that you can make money from?

Niche Marketing Earn Big By Thinking Small

A monetizable niche market is, at its simplest, that part of a crowd that is the most anxious to buy..

A hotdog stand outside a restaurant isn't likely to do much business, but put the same stand outside a cinema, a sports arena or theater and it will sell out. The people walking past are similar, but some are hungrier than others.

The trick to successful niche marketing is to be able to identify which parts of an audience are ready to buy and to aim all your efforts at persuading them to buy through you.

For example, "dogs" is a very broad term and those searching under that term are not very eager to buy. People that search for the term "Chihuahuas" on the other hand are much more focused and more likely to buy, but there really is no way of knowing.

People that search for the term "organic Chihuahua medicines" are much more focused again. They are inquiring about something very specific about something very dear to them. You might say these people have their hair on fire and they want a solution now!

Here's another example. Someone searching with the keyword 'digital camera' is certainly searching for something, but we have no real idea of their intent. The chances are that they are simply dipping a toe into the market to get some background info.

There are 134,000 searches made every day for 'digital cameras' but you could spend a huge amount of time and effort trying to grab a share of that traffic and still have little to show for it at the end.

They are lookers, not buyers.

The next step up after they have done their background research would be for them to search on a manufacturer, so 'Nikon Digital Cameras' might crop up. Is this a niche market keyword? Not yet. They are warmer, but not yet hot. They are still finding stuff out, comparing models and checking price ranges.

But they are not buyers. Not yet.

Nikon Digital Camera is a topic - and possibly a good one to base a whole site or a section of a site upon, but for our individual pages we need to focus on the niches inside the topic.

So, having decided that they like Nikon cameras more than the competition the next step - the buying step - is for them to narrow their research down even more to a particular model.

Someone who searches on 'Nikon D40 Digital Camera' is in the market to buy. They know what they want and now just need to be reassured and pointed at Amazon.

There are many micro niches like in the beauty industry

So a brand name is a niche market, but it still isn't necessarily a great niche market. The number of people searching for a term is important, but not all-important. We must also look at the number of websites we would be in competition with if we were to put in the effort to build one of our own.

A great niche market is one where there are lots of hungry, desperate-to-buy searchers, but few websites satisfying their needs.

In the Nikon D40 Digital Cameras example, there are nearly half a million pages online in competition with us - and as we want the easiest route to getting high Google rankings for the pages we build, that is way too much competition!

We are getting warmer, but it isn't hot, hot, hot quite yet!

A few more minutes work and the following products emerge: Samsung T550 Camera, Polaroid Pogo Camera and Fuji Waterproof Camera. Between them they attract over 10,000 searches per month, but none have more than 7,000 competing web pages already out there. Now that's competition we can set about beating!

Niche marketing is about getting the biggest bang for your buck, the greatest return for your effort. The skill lies in learning how to use your keyword research tools to uncover the millions of phrases people regularly type into the search engines that indicate they are in a buying mood, and to keep researching them until you find ones where there is the least amount of competition.


  • build a web page, make it as authoritative as possible,
  • fine tune the on-page SEO to make it on-target as far as the search engines are concerned
  • and develop the off-page SEO by building a network of backlinks. Then
  • add monetization through affiliate links and

watch as your hard work reaps its rewards.

By the way, do you want to find out more about niche marketing earn big by thinking small?

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