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The New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity: I feel your pain. You've bought every web site ebook, taken every small business course, and fallen for every new GRQ (get rich quick) scheme that has come along (like I did), but nothing seems to work for you. Take it easy. It's part of our learning curve, nothing more. There's nothing wrong with you.

In fact, we'll nail it down to a simple, very powerful and almost never used process epitomized in 4 letters: CTPM. With the results from this simple system, we can create miracles.

But first, we must clear away some of the smoke.

Remember this: Your internet connection is your personal doorway to the largest, richest market that has ever existed. The World Wide Web. Access is free. Imagine what you can do with something like that! All that's missing is knowledge of how to do it.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is what to sell online and how you are going to decide on products and services to promote to the public. This is a daunting, risky task if you do it the old fashioned way with inventory, staff and so forth.

The modern way is to learn and use affiliate marketing. By the way, if you want to learn more about this risk free way of building a business on virtually any theme, read my article on "Affilorama" which is the system I use to learn and create online businesses with no risk on my part.

Why are you here right now?

  • If you are definitely looking to make money online,
  • If you preferably want to do it using Google search engine marketing,
  • If you wisely want to take no risks,
  • If you are eagerly looking for a new business opportunity,
  • And if you dearly want to work from home then...,

...Watch this very short video right now. It sums up what you can accomplish for yourself using the Site Build It suite of tools and their business blueprint. How much does it cost? A buck a day. The results?*

 * Does Site Build It work? You're looking at a Site Build It site right now. This site is one of my Site Build It sites. It's main search term is 'home online incomes'. It is ranked #1 at Google for that search term against 464,000,000 competitors! It works.

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The New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity

Why bother with all this? Unless you live in a small town and you are Joe's Plumbing, you need internet marketing education. Below is a quick example.

Let's say you have a dog accessory shop specializing in Chihuahua dogs and you want to go online. Below is a screen shot of some words you might consider in the naming of your web site. It is taken from the brainstormer tool I use.

Look at the value demand column. If you decided to call your web site something like "Love-Chihuahuas.Com", you can see that under 70 people a month search for that term worldwide! If you used something like the top one "Chihuahuas.Com", there is over 60,000 people searching for that term worldwide per month!

Can you see how important knowledge and the proper tools are? If you are wondering what this process can accomplish, I encourage you to go to my results page and you will get all the information you need. I wish this page would of been there when I started. The information would of saved me so much time, heartbreak and money.

As you scan every word, you will begin to feel that this is what you have been looking for. You will feel a great peace, calmness flowing over you. The search for security is over if you are willing to work. The internet truly is "The River of Gold".

Jill's story...

By the way, if you are like I was, you have many questions. Ask them at the free SBI! Questions page.

The New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity

Business and earning opportunities are everywhere on the internet. Things are changing, however. Software now is so easy to use that everyone and his/her dog has a website. These clutter the playing field.

  • FACT: 99% of all websites on the internet today will be gone by this time next year only to be replaced by another batch of hopefuls who will be gone the year after.
  • Remember this. It is no longer a simple matter of setting up a website and consider yourself in business. Things have changed.
  • Decide this will never happen to you. If you are like me, you don't want to have to choose a second career from the unemployment office.
  • Take note that entrepreneur opportunity is everywhere. The internet allows us to build a search engine marketing business on just about anything we choose. The new business opportunity decrees that people have to change their focus.
  • Get excited about knowing that in previous years, you could tackle a huge market like "dogs", let's say, and you stood a chance at making it. The new business business opportunity model says that to have a chance at doing well, your dog site now will have to be tightly focused on a micro subniche like "Chihuahua Car Safety Harnesses". 
  • Believe that new business opportunities also lie in things like green industries. Even those niches have to be cut down to micro niches like "green fertilizers".
  • Focus on what you like to do if you are looking for business start up ideas. There are hundreds of hungry micro subniches in almost any category you can think of.

Whether you believe it or not, we are in deep trouble as an economy. Can you pursue a home based, new business opportunity in a recession? There is no better time! On the internet, you can carve a niche for yourself in the incredibly huge World Wide Web business landscape.

Remind yourself that your internet connection is your personal doorway to the largest, richest market that has ever existed. The World Wide Web. Access is free. Imagine what you can do with something like that!

New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity - The Basics

The basics of search engine marketing are the same as for any other business.

First, you have to learn how to get visitors to your site. There are many ways of doing that.

  1. The one I prefer is called organic traffic and is brought to you free from the search engines. The tool that I use is called Site Build It. Does it work? That's how you got here :-)
  2. If you are willing to learn a new tactic in search engine marketing, you can pay for traffic. This is called ppc search engine internet marketing. Your best bet to learn all about that is the free tools that you can find by doing a search of Google Adwords.
  3. You can do the same with Facebook and Twitter and others.
  4. You can blog or put your own comments on other blogs linking to yours. This is free and can be quite effective.
  5. There are quite a few others, but these are the main ones.

The big success story now is something called sniper sites. They work on really tight little niches that are very specific about something, attract eager to buy visitors and they are very effective.

These can be sites, blogs, lenses or anything else you prefer. They rank quickly and go to the top of the rankings at the search engines in no time. The step by step system I use is called Site Build It.

What's Stopping You? The Same Thing That Kept Me From Succeeding. Fear

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New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity - TRAFFIC

Will it make you rich quickly? No. But it could over time. Here are some success examples I know of personally:

  • A California man crippled in an industrial accident now makes his living from home with a natural herb site.
  • A registered nurse that wanted to stay home with her kids started a web site to help the elderly. She is an affiliate for several high quality manufacturers of wheel chairs, walkers and so forth. She makes as much now as she did as a full time nurse.
  • A Teacher in Israel wanted to be home with his wife to raise their daughters. He started a niche site on kid's birthday party ideas. Is he rich? No, but he is home, living well, travels when he wants and is free to build other businesses.
  • A retired navy electronics man is doing very well with his site on specialty aerials for HAM radios.
  • There are thousands more new search engine marketing business opportunity success stories.

By the way, do you want to see what kinds of results other people have accomplished for themselves and the great variety of types of successful sites?

New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity

As a business, you will need something to sell. If you don't have something of your own to sell, learn about affiliate marketing. It is free to start and allows you to sell practically anything you want to.

Basically, you are a commission salesperson through your website for any number of companies. Check out the Amazon affiliate programs. There are thousands more. Everything you need to start risk free at your own pace is easily available to you.

WARNING! This process requires work on your part, but if you are eager to help yourself, if you are willing to put out some effort and if you are willing to believe in yourself, then you are ready to access this toolkit for search engine marketing success. Your rewards will be far greater than you could have ever imagined.

That's the power of these tools when applied to the incredible wealth of the World Wide Web. Are you aware that you are already wanting to own a copy of the Google Sniper?

New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity - PRESELLING

New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity - MONETIZATION

New Google Search Engine Marketing Business Opportunity - The Search Engine

Other Informative Articles

By the way, do you want to find out more about Site Build It, the new Google search engine marketing business opportunity creator? Click the link to Site Build It to watch a detailed video showing how effective this service is in search engine marketing, the planning of search engine marketing campaigns and free traffic generation. Ask your questions about how the most successful new search engine marketing business opportunity sites in the world were built and how this service makes search engine marketing so profitable and possible.

Explore the incredible Site Build It online toolkit that is perfect for those interested in search engine marketing. On the Site Build It pages, you will learn about the many critically important search engine marketing videos they offer and see why Site Build It is so successful at manifesting a new business opportunity for those who seek them.

The new business opportunity? It can be on whatever you love to do. How good can it get?

P.S. What if this thing works?

What if it allows you to set yourself free from the chilling fear of insecurity?

What if this is something you can do for yourself?

What if this allows you to soar?

What if.......?

Tonight, when you get into bed, you will think of what this search engine marketing  package can do for you and tomorrow morning you will grab your laptop and buy your copy of the Solo Build It service.

 Can this program work for anybody? Yes. Here's the formula:

You+Solo Build It+Effort=Freedom

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