The Manifestation Miracle: I am often asked why most people have so much trouble manifesting what they want in their lives.

If you absolutely want to understand and master the Law of Attraction, if you certainly want to be taught in simple, easy to understand terms and if you finally want to know how to create the life of your dreams... then reading this short article to the very end will be the most worthwhile 2 minutes you could ever spend.

Let me explain:

  • It has never been easier to create a life that you will love. Never. Information is everywhere and many of us have a mind open enough to let the knowledge in.
  • There is so much misinformation out there and social pressure against a new concept like this. If you haven't reached the financial or spiritual level that you so desperately seek, it likely has very little to do with you.
  • The concept is not easy to understand like gravity. Our whole lives, we are taught that "no pain, no gain" is the main rule of life and so many people teach the Law of Attraction that don't understand it themselves. The Manifestation Miracle system teaches how all this works and, more importantly, how we can make it work for us and teaches us one more thing that is the "secret sauce", the spark that ignites the rocket of manifestation.
  • Sometimes it feels hopeless, but relax, take it easy and take a deep breath. It is not rocket science and anyone can do this. As a matter of fact, we do it 24/7 without even thinking about it like obeying the law of gravity.

We are about to take aim at all the smoke and mirrors out there and start the journey into conscious manifestation. As a matter of fact, we will boil it down to one simple concept that everyone understands and which can be applied in one's life beginning today.

First, let's review what the law of attraction is all about.

We are offshoots of the great Universal Mind which we have given many names to. Some call it God, the Infinite mind and so on. I like the term Universe. Whatever turns your crank.

Lets say you went to the ocean and scooped out a glass of ocean water. Is it fair to say that we hold the ocean in our hand? Yes. The chemical composition is identical.

Can you float a great ship in your glass of water? No. The laws of nature say that you need so much water to float a ship of a certain size. Natural laws have to be obeyed.

Can you say you hold a tiny, identical snippet of the ocean in your hand? Yes. If you poured enough of those glasses of water into a dry dock, could you float a great ship? Yes. All the laws of nature governing floating great ships would have been obeyed and the ship would float.

And so it is with the Law of Attraction. We are all little snippets of the Universe with all its incredible power and characteristics.This is the path that the Manifestation Miracle leads us to.

If that's so, why can't we manifest what we want?

We do, but we don't keep asking for the same thing. We don't keep emptying our little glasses of desire in the same dry dock. Our ship of dreams can't float because we spread the water all over.

The Manifestation Miracle Breakthrough

So, what's standing in the way of enjoying the life of freedom that we would love?

  1. We don't fully understand how this basic law of nature works. Most of us don't understand electricity, but once we know how to turn on a switch, the background knowledge is not important. We know that by doing the right action, the desired outcome comes about.
  2. We are taught from birth that we are "less than", that we are not entitled to the very best. We must toil from cradle to grave if we want a shot at the life of our dreams and we shouldn't cry if we don't get it. We will get our reward on the "other side"
  3. Many of us face criticism for going for the brass ring offered by the Manifestation Miracle. Just who do we think we are, anyway? Sometimes those that love us the most cause us the most damage.

FACT: Jesus taught some of his apostles to perform miracles just like he did. This means that the average person has the power to do the things Jesus did. As a matter of fact, there are several places in the bible where he says that we, the average person, can do the same things he did and even more.

This fact is rarely talked about from the pulpit.

FACT: There are thousands of instances of miracle healings. Are these people somehow gifted or more Godlike than the average person? No, they just believed they could do it or that someone they were with could do it for them.

FACT: These people had suffered so greatly that they had left the door of allowing open. All the previous coaching and negativity was pushed aside to allow the miracle to happen.

2 things are required for manifestation. The first is asking and the second thing is allowing.

Both of these concepts are way beyond the reach of this short article. I strongly urge you to watch Heather's view by clicking on the link below.

What if:

  • We consciously created something in our lives that was proof positive that this was something we had deliberately brought about?
  • We learned a method to consciously allow our wish or dream into our lives?
  • We learned first hand why we had not been able to bring into our lives what we had so desperately sought and how we could manifest it?

How drastically would our lives change? Would there be anything we couldn't be or do?

Part of the magic is developing a belief that we are capable of anything, that we don't really know how to direct and control this terrific source of energy to something we consciously desire and that we unconsciously block the good things from coming.

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Best wishes always,

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