The Secret To Make Money Online Free From Home

Make money online free from home. How can this be?

  • Create websites that attract visitors for free (this is called search engine marketing).
  • Have a product of your own to sell to these people or someone else's product (this is called affiliate marketing and to join is free).
  • Develop an email list of people interested in getting more information about what your site is all about and sell to them through your regular news letters (this is called email marketing, also free).
  • Create blogs on different subjects and grow them with people's comments. Sell to them with ads on your blog. (Basic blogging is free)

The first thing to remember here is that all of these business methods can be developed for free using places like Word Press, Squidoo and Weebly. All of these places offer free web hosting.

How do these places make money? By placing ads of their own on your web pages.

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There is one major disadvantage to the freebees and that is that they have complete control of their sites. That means yours, too. If you do something they don't like, you are gone and so are the hundreds and thousands of hours you've put into your site.

You have no legal recourse. You give all your rights away before you start.

So, what's the option for someone who wants to make money online free from home?

Spend a few pennies. I am suggesting you spend about the price of a small cup of coffee each day on proper web hosting and all the tools you will need to succeed.

Best of all, you remain totally free to build whatever kind of business you want. About a dollar a day is a small price to pay for total personal business freedom, the kind of freedom that will lead quickly to work from home freedom which is your ultimate goal, isn't it?

Can you make money online free from home? Yes. Do really want to? No.

The World Wide Web is the largest, richest market that has ever existed and your entrance fee is zero. There is no charge for getting access to this gold mine and I do not use the term loosely and you want to get this right the first time and you want to keep control of your site (work from home tip#1). This is an important point once you've decided to make money online free from home.

The market is so huge that you can develop a business on almost any subject that interests you. It will take a little time and effort, but once you have your sales funnel set up, your progress will be swift. As a matter of fact, I heartily encourage you to look inside yourself to see what you really love.

You might build a business on some trendy item like a new style of socks, but by the time you have developed enough business to make money at it, socks are no longer the hot item. Everyone is into scarves.

On the other hand, if you love model airplanes, you could build a very successful business on your passion and do well with it. Fifty years from now, people will still be flying model planes and you, or your heirs, will still be making money online free from home!

The World Wide web is more than large enough (work from home tip#2) to support you in great comfort from your radio controlled model airplane site.

I suggest you download this free ebook titled make your site sell.

It is free, I don't even ask for your email address and it is the complete bible on web success. It is 1500 pages long and covers everything you need to understand including an excellent glossary.

Go ahead, down load it now before you forget and I'll wait for you here....

Back already? Great! What did I tell you? What a resource you have in your hands. The ideal tool to money online free from home!

Let's see what is required for an internet business to become a self-sufficient enterprise.

Make money online from home:

The make money online free from home concept makes your mouth water, doesn't it? No more get up and run. Goodbye to traffic, bosses, car breakdowns, layoffs, babysitters, waking the little ones so darn early to rush them to the sitters.


You know what I mean.

So, what do you have to understand before you can say that your ebusiness is succeeding, that you can make money online free from home? Here is a list. You will have to understand and know how to use the following (work from home tip#3). Don't despair, all of these are completely explained in the ebook you downloaded free above.

  • How search engines work.
  • What happens when someone does a search on the internet.
  • How did the web sites on the first page of the search engine results page get there? How much did it cost them? (It's free)
  • How did they get on the first page (where all the action is)?
  • What can you sell?
  • They say affiliate marketing is the way to start. How much does it cost? (It is the best way to start and it is free)
  • What can I sell as an affiliate? (Almost anything you want once your sales funnel is set up and it is free to join)
  • How can I handle money transactions securely? It's explained in the book. Paypal is one way and there are others.
  • How much do they charge to start? It's free to start then they charge a small fraction of the transaction.
  • What can I go into? What's "hot"? Never mind hot. What makes your heart sing? Have fun as you make money online free from home. Who says being in business has to be boring?

There are a lot more things to understand, but that gives you an idea. You might say that it sounds too good to be true. It is.

It requires work and time to successfully make money online free from home. A top brain surgeon might make a million a year. How did he get to that? By buying some glossy ebook on the internet that promised "Be a Brain Surgeon In 24 Hours!".

No, he had to learn the basics and then, slowly, he added more and more knowledge and experience to his base until he finally could do his trade (work from home tip#4).

Then, and only then, could he shine and excel at what he had chosen to do.

Can you make money online free from home? You bet you can, but you must follow the example of the surgeon.

  • Learn how the internet works.
  • See what kind of products you can sell.
  • Learn how to get FREE traffic.
  • Set up your payment processor.

To me, the most exciting part of the day is to go to work. Basically, this involves a 15 second walk down the hall to my computer room with a cup of coffee.

What a wonderful time in history we live in! Never before could someone make money online free from home without making thousands of phone calls, going out and doing thousands of meetings, having to allow total strangers into your home and so forth.

With a simple internet access, you can build whatever size and kind of business you like. You never have to interact with a customer if you don't want to. This is the case if you are an affiliate marketer.

Someone else handles customer complaints, handles the money and so forth. Once your make money online free from home sales funnel (work from home tip#5) is in place, everything runs on autopilot. What a great, stress free way to live!

The part of the old life I hated the most was trying to wake my little darlings from a deep, sound sleep in their warm little beds when it was time to get going on workdays.

My wife would bathe and dress them 2 at a time (we have four kids) as I fed 2 at a time. I always felt so sorry for them as they fell asleep in their car seats on the way to some day care that was full of germs and who knew what kinds of other kids they'd be with! UGH!

But, it did keep me looking at the internet and thinking about how to make money online free from home. Finally, I'd had enough and decided to give it a try.

There just had to be some way in here for me to...

Make money from home:

My biggest regret is that I never started my internet business earlier, but I guess there is a reason for everything. I hope you don't make the same mistakes I did. To make money online free from home is possible and doable. Many have done it.

Who would have thought that you can make a good living from home? Well, you can and you will if you take your time, work and keep at it (work from home tip#6).

If you get discouraged, it's okay. We all do. Remember that even Jesus on the cross got messed up. "Father, why have you forsaken me?" That's what I call discouragement, big time. If he can loose it, so can you. Get it back. You are worth it!

So, what's the cost of all this?

As I mentioned above, if you go to places like, you can build a make money online free from home site with them free. The same applies to and Word Press and there are quite a few others.

They are completely free and they all have pretty good training manuals. Some you find will have widgets that you can buy later to make your site better and this is alright, but the biggest peeve I have about them is that you have no control over your site. If they have a policy change that affects your site, good luck fighting city hall! You can make money online free from home, but you are a slave.

One of them, a while back, decided that they had way too many weight loss pages on their site so they cancelled many of them. Many people lost all the time they had spent building their businesses. Some people lost hundreds and hundreds of hours.

The attitude was, "If you don't like it, get over it."

My idea to make money online free from home does not involve being at the mercy of strangers with no hope of arguing my case.

Can the site owners sue? No. They signed off on the terms of service when they came on board. The freebee controls everything and if you don't like it, lump it.

The whole idea of make money online free from home is to be free. For me that includes the freedom to fail. If I build a site in a very busy business niche like weight loss, it is all up to me. If I succeed, good for me. If I fail, ALL the choices were mine (work from home tip#7). (I'm not saying not to go into the weight loss niche. I'm just saying that it is very competitive. There are many opportunities in micro-niches in the weight loss category.

Make money online free from home has pitfalls. Beware of who you get to host your site. If you go with the above companies, they will do the hosting. If you go to some other places, you have to buy some place to put your site. There are many places that offer cheap hosting and domain names.

Take your time in choosing. Many offer incredible prices until you find that every one of your web pages has some big, ugly advertisement of there's on top. To get rid of this will cost you more per month and so the thing was not so cheap to begin with .
(work from home tip#8)

Who do I use to make money online free from home? It is called Site Build It. It is a company based in Montreal, Canada. What does it cost? About the price of a small cup of coffee per day and that includes web hosting, domain name registration, all the tools to get you to number one and so forth.

As a matter of fact, the Site build It sites are the top 1% on the web. Click on the image of the pretty girl to be taken on a very informative video tour, if you like.

SBI Video Tour!

Make money:

So, you want to make money online free from home?

How much can you make? Who knows? How ambitious are you? For the first time in your life, you are looking at taking full responsibility for your life straight in the face.

To make money online free from home, learn the internet business and decide where YOU want it to go and how much it can earn. There are always tons of new ways to make money that will come to your attention as you learn more and more.

"Oh yeah?", you say, "I want to make a living dealing in ant farms. I bet a person can't make much money at that!"

The only consideration I would have about something like that is local laws about importation of foreign species. This would apply to foods, plants, animals and fish and so forth, but there is always a way around obstacles (work from home tip#9) that are legal and legitimate.

Lets say you live in Brazil and you want to money online. You love ants, ant farms, ant burrows, ant habitats and everything about ants. In all likely hood, you could not ship ant farms from Brazil all over the world so you could go about it like this:

  • You build a web site on ant farms. Call it or anything else you like.

  • You have learned how to build traffic on the internet and how to incorporate a huge and successful sales funnel as an infopreneur. This has allowed you to become known as an expert on ant farms which is your niche. Your site becomes known as something called an authority site..

  • You do some searching and find hobby places on each continent that sell ant farms and you become an affiliate for each company.

  • You create an ebook on ant farms from the pages you've created for your site and sell it on your site (There are also many other free ways to get your ebook sold).

  • In your ebook, you show which companies in which country sells ant farms. This way, a person in England can order perfectly legal ant farms from an ant farm place in England. The same with someone in Australia and so forth. As you can see, there is almost nothing that can stand in your (work from home tip#10) way if you are determined to make money online free from home.

  • You love ants so you produce a series of videos on ants. These will interest ant people because your passion for ants will show in your site's material. You set these up to be instantly downloadable from your site (this is easy to do and also free)and paid through Paypal or some other highly safe company. People download and pay. Simple. Easy. Profitable. Enjoyable. Liberating.

    Special Note: About this time is when you might want to wake up early one morning and get a coffee and watch the traffic and trains rushing head long into the maelstrom of where you used to be. Sip your coffee, cruise through your figures on your laptop from the night before and soak up the moment. You've arrived, baby!

Is it that simple to make money online free from home? Yes. It is relatively simple. I might even say it is easy. It takes time, effort and diligence.

Can this be done with anything?

Here is just a tiny sample of people that are making a good living from home:

  • A young couple were fed up with the cold and rain of Wales and now live in hot, dry Tuscany, Italy. They are affiliates for bed and breakfasts, villas and so forth in their area.

  • A young German lady loved the outback of Australia, but there is no work there. She built a site on the outback and sells tours of the outback, outback clothes and so forth. She makes a good living from the outback, her most favorite place in the world. How sweet is that?


  • An elderly couple in rural Montana, U.S.A. buy, sell, trade and collect antique porcelain dolls from all over the world.

  • Another fellow sells asphalt paving equipment on the internet. He is an affiliate for the manufacturer.

  • An engineer sells multi-million dollar medical imaging equipment to hospitals all over the world. He is an affiliate for a huge German company that manufactures these things. He operates from his home in the Bahamas.

  • A disabled man supports his young family from their house in Nothern California. He is an affiliate for a herbal health company. Not only does he make a living, he is also making a contribution to peoples' health and lives.

  • A teacher in Israel is doing very well selling things for kids' birthday parties. His sister is paying for her university education selling murals she paints and sells on her web site.

  • A juggler, yes the kind that throws things up and down, has a very successful site on everything about juggling. He sells all over the world. Videos on how to juggle. Special juggling tricks. He has created and sells ebooks on juggling and so forth.

      Get the idea?

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