The Intermittent Fasting Crossfit Program

What if you learned why the intermittent fasting crossfit program is the beginning of a "new me" for millions of people and applied it to yourself?

The more you keep reading this document, the more you feel that the knowledge about fasting has come a long way and now widespread recognition of this practice is showing many individuals the benefits derived from it. Why not you?

The mainstream fitness authorities concur in all the important benefits gained for health, fitness and well-being.

Studies such as the one performed by Mark Mattson clearly depict the fact that other mammals such as mice obtained an important lifespan increase along with improvement in major health indicators including body composition, insulin sensitivity and neuro-regenerative capacity.

Can you see why there are many variations when it comes to intermittent fasting and as with many practices, a one size fits all advice is not usually appropriate.

Imagine what it would be like if you could understand the variations for sheduled fasting that can be found in recommendations such as:

  • Fasting every other day
  • All day
  • Twice a week
  • Every third day
  • Once every other week
  • Or once per week.

Some lighter versions advice skipping dinner, other skipping breakfast and you can also find recommendations such us "eat only when you feel hungry" or "don't eat if you don't feel hungry."

This practice has been particularly well received among many different religions. This is due to the fact that fasting is advised in many holy books and is a common factor among most mainstream religions.

The Eat Stop Eat program is known as the gold standard for intelligent and highly successful intermittent fasting. It has gone through many improvements the latest of which can be seen below.

The scientific community is pouring many resources in order to find the quantitative proof for irregular fasting crossfit benefits because the observable facts speak for themselves.

Many health benefits can be derived from this form of fasting and the most obvious ones are obtained by obese individuals searching for treatment that does not involve dangerous drugs, chemicals and sometimes life-threatening surgery.

The advice of skipping a meal or a series of meals goes against popular culture since it advises ingesting every single meal. Many obese people owe their extra weight to these generalized cultural beliefs and hinder program development.

Many people associate the act of fasting with unpleasantness with no visible benefits; but as the results of scientific research acquire more reach and popularity this people will get to know that among the benefits of intermittent fasting are increasing lifespan considerably, reducing unhealthy weight and improving self-determination.

Anecdotal evidence shows many yogis in India and practitioners around the world live a surprisingly long life due to the single fact that they ingest much less food than their counterparts. This phenomenon has been investigated thoroughly and it seems there is much more information to come about the intermittent fasting program and it's benefits.

Certain considerations should be taken when it comes to fasting, pregnant women and individuals with glucose level related diseases should abstain from the practice because of obvious health concerns. Caloric restriction itself is the most powerful way to keep body weight with an acceptable fat to muscle ratio and it is one of the most important factors, besides hereditary tendencies when avoiding heart and age related diseases.

Other benefits such as avoiding cognitive decline, improving resistance to cancer and improving quality of life should be enough to motivate any individual to at least try intermittent fasting crossfit principles, medical research for this subject is at its infancy and is already showing promising results.


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