The Secret To How To Make Online Money

How to make online money - Don't be afraid to build something new
for yourself to make money online. Remember this: Noah's Arc
was built by an amateur and the Titanic was built by "experts"!

How To Make Online Money? Use Tried And Tested Methods To Make Money Online For Anyone Who Wants To Supplement Their Income By Starting An Online
Business And How To Go About It Explained In Everyday Language.

Job security doesn't exist any more. For many people, there simply doesn't seem to be a way out. Sure you can take a second or even a third job, but what happens if THAT doesn't bring in enough money?

For many people there simply aren't enough hours in the day available to work, even if they could get by on no sleep and no family life. If you think along traditional lines of 'working for your pay check' there's just no answer. You can't work hours that don't exist. You should learn how to make online money.

There is a simple, very real solution for over-worked, debt-laden people who just want to get themselves back on track. By using your computer, internet connection and by using a few easy, tried and tested strategies, you can learn how to make online money quickly and easily.

Learn to build an online business and you've created a make money online machine that runs on autopilot.

It's amazing the businesses people can build for themselves if they just take the time to learn and to build slowly.

From The Desk Of T. "Smokey" Johnson

Hi, my name is Terry Johnson.

I might not be a household name to you , but if you do a Google search on Dr. T. "Smokey" Johnson, my name comes up a couple of million times so I am not a newbie to internet business!

How to make online money.

It seems like a dream and quite frankly how to make online money has gotten a bad reputation because there ARE scammers and fraudsters who prey on the unwary.


"The Beginner's Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel"

The complete blueprint of a system to build a business from home and how you can make fast easy money online.

You'll be totally amazed when money starts coming in after you've learned how to make online money. How exciting it is to watch your personal destiny change day by day!...

If you've always wanted to make money from the comfort of your own home, or find yourself in the unfortunate position of desperately NEEDING another source of income, then you need to get a copy of "The Beginner's Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel" to learn how to make online money.

You could spend literally years struggling to find what actually works online in terms of generating an income, or you could let me guide you to what I KNOW actually works to make money online.

"The Beginner's Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel" is the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle - the one thing that puts YOU back in control - whether it's about managing to pay your debts, or getting those extras for your loved ones you thought you'd never be able to provide. All this is possible when you've learned how to make money online

Get your copy right now by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

In "The Beginner's Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel" you'll learn..

  • How to avoid 'The Money Pit' and make money online.
  • How to stay clear of the scams and scamsters that can steal your money AND your time and discourage you from learning how to make online money
  • SEVEN deadly effective methods of making money online
  • How to use social networking to generate income
  • The truth about making money with blogs
  • Writing? Is it for you or not? (it's certainly an effective money making method)
  • What is PLR and how can it make money for you?
  • How to make money by GIVING THINGS AWAY FOR FREE!
  • Creating your own product - surprisingly easy and surprisingly effective to make money online!
  • The secrets of email marketing that most 'real world' people have no idea about....

How to turn this knowledge into piles of cash!

And much, much more!

I know you'll love using it too.

-- Smokey T. Johnson
    Creator of   "The Beginner's Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel" system.

RE:....Discovering the truth about how to make online money, how easy is it, really? and the tips and techniques that will fast-track you to a highly profitable, online business that runs on autopilot.

Dear Friend:

A short time ago I was talking with a neighbor who was trying to figure out some way to increase his income without working day and night and he asked me for my candid advice.

His specific question was...

"Smokey, what's the quickest way you know of to make money online without having to risk everything?"

I told him what I did..."You learn the basics of doing business online and you take the time to build properly. There is such a thing as affiliate marketing that allows you to sell practically anything you want and you can get started for free."

There was a long silence as he thought about my answer to how to make online money.

He seemed to be shocked at the brevity and simplicity of my reply, and just didn't seem sure at all that the solution could be that simple.

Rubbing his forehead in thought he said, "You know, you're right. I've been running scared from this internet thing, but it's where the future is although I don't understand how it all fits together in making money.

At the time, I don't think he really understood how big an impact this refreshingly simple and honest approach would have on his relationship with his security and family.

From that moment on, he dedicated a set amount of time each day (I think he could only squeeze in one hour a night, four nights a week) to learning how to make online money on the internet.

Before very long, a tiny trickle of money started to flow into his bank account. With affiliate marketing, he could focus on something he loved to do (radio controlled model airplanes)in his case and make money online.

Because the World Wide Web is such a huge market, even an obscure interest like trading in antique china dolls while living in rural Montana (like some folks I know) can earn a tidy sum.

But there are also scammers and fraudsters in business, law and accountancy (not to mention politics) so surely it's worth investigating the reality of setting up your own online business a little further.
That's the beauty of it when you know how to make money online...YOU are the one that decides how little or how much you'd like to earn.

You can fit it in around your family, your children, your existing work commitments and ......well, your LIFE.

Of course how to make online money probably sounds like an impossible task if you've no idea where to start.

Especially as how to make money online just might be the solution to your financial problems.

In fact as you read this there are tens of thousands of people quietly making a very good living (yes full-time) from an online business. They took the time to learn how to make online money.

And there are plenty more - many thousands more who are generating an additional income to keep themselves and their families afloat, pay off the debts, or even to buy life's luxuries such as an extra vacation or a new car.

Imagine learning how to make online money and:

  • Being able to make a great living from your kitchen table or the beach? Why couldn't you do it?
  • Never again fighting traffic.
  • Never having to depend on someone else for your living.
  • Limited in your income not by your education or how much the boss likes you but by your personal ambition?

Making $5 can be as hard as making $5,000 on the internet if you've no help or guidance as to how to make money online.

About 3 years ago, one of my students asked, "Why don't more people build businesses on the internet?"

I thought about it a while before answering, "Fear, I think. People generally are not lazy. They are willing to work for what they have, but they are falling further and further behind, usually due to circumstances they have no control over like taxes. Why don't they learn to make money online? Fear of failure. Fear of getting ripped off. Fear of being laughed at by friends and relatives and so on. Maybe even the fear of the ideas to make money from home without budging an inch.

That conversation played over and over in my head. Why DIDN'T people create how to make online money businesses more often?

Some months ago, a friend announced to me, "Just so you know and don't hear it second hand, I've had to declare bankruptcy. I'm out of work and out of hope."

These words came from a hard working man I have known for a long time. Then he said something that shocked me. "I sure wish I knew how to make money online like you do."

Why didn't he? I had offered to show him many times. Fear? I wondered. Can't be. He's a decorated war veteran.

I couldn't nail down why so many people don't make money online. It really hurts me to see so many good people suffering in a time when the answer is staring them in the face.

Over the span of the 6 months since, I assembled all my notes from classes I had taught on how to make online money, essays I had written and so on. I showed my work to some friends and they wanted copies for themselves and their friends so they also could make money online.

Which is where this fabulous how to make online money digital book comes from!

"The Beginner's Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel"

There are THE techniques you absolutely NEED to know if you're going to succeed online and they are ALL included in this awesome ebook on how to make online money.

To make money online, you need:

  • To know how to get FREE targeted traffic.

  • A list, to build up that targeted traffic.

  • An autoresponder, to manage and help you build that list.

  • An internet service provider (so you can do business on the web!)

  • A target market (you’re still trying to narrow down your ideal buyer!)

  • A payment processor, to collect cash in exchange for your services or products. When you make money online, you want everyone to be safe.

  • A Domain name (or two) (or more) for your product or services sites.

  • (Optional) A blog, just a place where your market can get to know you.

  • A website, to host your landing pages or sales offers…

And, this is where it gets confusing to make money online...

You begin to research how to do these tasks - and discover there’s more than one way to use a website. There’s more than one way to use a blog – but which one is better for you? How to make online money can seem complicated.

"The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel" also completely covers the following which you will also need to know:

  • How the search engines work and what they're looking for.

  • SEO shortcuts for your business in EASY to understand language.

  • What parts of SEO matter and what just aren't worth the effort to make money online.

  • How to make sure your content is relevant to the keyword phrases being searched.

  • How to optimize your website with keywords and linking structures.

  • How to build powerful inbound links to your website from others in your niche. This will greatly boost your capability to make money online.

  • The onsite optimization methods that really work.

  • How meta tags can seriously boost your SEO.

  • What permalinks do and how they can work for your business.

  • Why sitemaps are vitally important to make money online.

  • The truth about 'titles'.

  • What is a 'Pinglist'.

  • Vital wordpress plugins that can make SEO quicker and easier by FAR.

  • Off site optimization techniques.

and much much more...

If you are serious about your make money online business, you can't afford to be without "The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel".

Let's cut to the chase - you need to know how the above things work, and you need to put then together...

But All Of The Above Are TOTALLY USELESS Unless Your Sales Funnel Is Put Together Correctly!

Yep. I’m talking about setting up and using a Sales Funnel. You may even have seen those funny little diagrams…

Sales funnel is a term that is only really understood when you've got one up and running!

Until you've seen the POWER of a sales funnel, the automated opt-ins and sales it can bring you, you have no way to appreciate it's power to make money online.

The hardest part of marketing is to grab a lead. Once you've got him, the next problem on your journey to make money online is to make a sale.

Suppose you do that.

Then what?

Going after another lead is pure and simple HARD WORK. Sure you need to do it to develop your business, but at the same time it's SO MUCH EASIER to make another sale to your existing customer! That's how to make online money!

If you've sold him a $27 ebook then why not ask him if he wants to buy a $97 mini-course or a $125 DVD?

Sales funnels are about obtaining the most value from the leads and customers you've already gathered.

It's about guiding them through your product line - ideally in a way that progressively adds more value to your bottom line - and services and thier's.

"The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel" will show you the true importance of this simple but vital little internet marketing tool and will explain completely how to set up your own sales funnel, right from home in your spare time. You will be well on your way to mastering how to make online money.

Without Understanding How to Effectively Use a Sales Funnel, Your Marketing Plan Just Won’t "Flow" And You'll Be Leaving Money On The Table.

Your small ebook investment will open the door to so many assets many other internet marketers are currently unaware of on how to make online money....

Things like:

  • 2 mistakes most new marketers make - even before they've had time to make them!

  • 2 basic aspects to cover that will ensure maximum sales funnel success.

  • 12 tactics you'll need to know how to effectively use, in order to make the most of every opportunity to make money online fast.

  • 5 vital functions you'll need to know how to simply perform - master these and you're well on your way to confidence to make money online and success.

  • 3 vital actions you must take - and 3 common sins you must avoid - if you want to create a successful squeeze page and thus know how to make online money.

I don't want you to feel there is too much to learn, but I need to show you how complete this sytem is...

Here are just some of what else is completely covered in simple, easy to understand language with tons of diagrams and illustrations...

  • 7 basic but necessary elements every squeeze page must contain.

  • 5 entry points to start with (and they'll help you think of even more).

  • The single most important new entry point tactic it's vital to know - miss this one, and you're turning your back on most of your new subscribers.

Sales funnels have been around for a long time – and there’s a reason! They’re the most simple yet effective planning tool you could ever implement. You see, they cover every potential angle – and help you see and avoid the potholes in the road long before you reach them. How to make online money will become clearer and clearer by this time.

This evolume also teaches you the real "need to know" stuff about internet marketing basics – and that’s just what you can download today! You’ll also learn valuable strategies such as:

  • 4 Rules for creating freebies that people will value MORE than paid products!

  • 5 most popular methods of providing irresistible freebies – and the 2 golden freebie rules you must never, ever forget! Get this right and the make money online pieces will all fit together.

  • The secret of $1 offers - and why you should (or should not) include them -as well as the secret asset $1 offers create to make money online.

  • A foolproof way to effectively decide what your starting price point should be - no matter what product you're planning to create.

  • 4 places to effectively introduce upsells, how to make online money with them – and why.

  • 2 priceless assets low-price offers can give back to you - almost straight away.

  • The single biggest upsell mistake almost every sales-funnel-ignoring new marketer makes.

  • The single most infallible rule for making cross sells seem like favors your customers eagerly thank you for.

  • 2 factors that can add a powerful double whammy to every one-time offer.

  • A powerful way to fit your products to your customers' needs even more.

  • The single most vital product creation question smart marketers ask themselves, just as a regular habit in how to make online money.

  • The single most urgent occasion when you should let your customers have it for less.

  • 2 major principles you need to observe, to move customers smoothly upwards through your rising price points to make money online for you.

  • 2 ways to help customers "leave" - and how to make that actually work for you.

Now, if you’re sitting there blinking, wondering what just hit you, and worrying that it’s just too much to learn in one go – relax! I show you in simple to understand terms and images!

I’ve Focused on Cutting Out Every Distraction – and Giving You Only the Basic Core Facts you Need to Know Now

What’s more, we’ll quickly explore the vital differences between traditional sales funnel methods and brand new, much more effective ones…

You’ll easily learn how to make online money knowing:

  • The crucial difference between your journey and your customers' that you must always be fully aware of.

  • 2 rules to follow, when promoting affiliate products, to make both affiliates and customers love you.

  • 2 sales funnel make money online super tips - and 12 deadly sales funnel mistakes!

  • 2 vital steps to take, when preparing to generate opt-ins - and the single most important factor to focus on.

  • 3 steps you must take when capturing leads - no matter which method you select in deciding how to do this.

  • The final important step you must take, to boost your profits to "big time" levels of how to make online money (you won't hit those numbers without it!).

And if you’re worrying that you’ll get a basic "skim-over" in this report – one that won’t give you enough protein to chew on – please let me instantly put your mind at rest! I may have cut out unnecessary distraction – but I’ve been careful to keep in everything you’ll need to implement essential facts, strategies, tactics and techniques.

(Now, I can’t build your make money online business for you, or teach you how to use an autoresponder – but I can teach you how to make all these things a whole lot easier – by fitting them into your plans at the perfect pace and place.

You may even learn about some things you haven’t come across yet – things you’ll be glad to know now, that would have caused problems further down the line!)

So if you’d finally like to put an end, once and for all, to not knowing which step to take next…

…if you really want to plan for success, in a way that makes you feel genuinely confident and assured in how to make online money....

Now is Your Chance To De-Mystify How To Build An Online Business For Yourself!

Whether you have just joined internet marketing or have been around a while and still not made money online this is your chance to change things for the better.

When I first joined the make money online business I went from one system to another until I found that the simple methods made me the most money and this is what I want to show you.

So get comfy, relax and read my blueprint to the easy life by knowing how to make online money.

"But hold on, I've saved the best for last!"...

I have some bonuses for you that are the perfect "icing on the cake" for your online business start-up. As complete as "The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel" is, I can't let it go out without a little background information and many more examples of the techniques I tell you about how to make money online.

Therefore, I am including 2 valuable bonuses to those investing in "The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel", the road map to how to make online money.

Your First Bonus Is...

"Make Your First $1000 Online And Fire Your Boss!" This e-book contains everything that you need to know in order to hit your targets and make $1,000 this month then follow it on for every month thereafter.

If you worked extremely hard you can very easily hit this figure in under 14 days. It really is that easy when you know how to make online money.

Your Second Valuable Bonus is...

Your second bonus will help you decide on what to build your business on. Why not make money online a fun experience? It shows in clear detail why you should go for something you love. What do you love to do? Likely it is a hobby like building model airplanes and flying them or maybe you love quilting..

Maybe you are into alternative "green" energy production.

No matter, the World Wide Web is so huge that it can support almost any passion in how to make online money.

So, how much are these bonuses worth to you and your soon-to-be internet business?

Each package sells regularly on the internet for $37.97. This gives you a combined value of $75.94

How much are they worth to you, your training, your profitable and rapidly growing ecommerce site?: They are invaluable as you master how to make online money!

"Okay, okay, I want it - how much is it?"

Finally put an end, once and for all, to not knowing which step to take next in creating your own freedom. How good can you stand it? You decide, you get the ball rolling with this incredible tool.

…if you really want to plan for success, in a way that makes you feel genuinely confident and assured…

Now is Your Chance To De-Mystify The Whole Sales Funnel Confusion and finally know how to make online money from your home at your own pace!

Remember… knowing how to properly use the sales funnel model to map your internet marketing strategy is your very best way to:

Cut out confusion

Increase your confidence

Eliminate unnecessary work

Eliminate many "wrong steps" or unnecessary diversions as you learn how to make online money.

Increase your results – and long-term success!

So don’t wait any longer – help yourself to this incredibly powerful and effective internet marketing tool right now!

You are just a few mouse clicks away from a future you had just dreamed of. Keep going.

You Get....

"The Beginner's Guide To Building A Sales Funnel" The most comprehensive internet business creation manual available.



Plus a surprise bonus!..."

On the download page where you will find your links to download your purchase and free bonuses, you will find a link to a page where you can ask me any question you like about the internet and how to make online money.

I won't even ask your name, there is no charge for the consultation and, only if you choose, your question and my answer will be on a new, fresh web page on my site. You can tell your friends that you already have your own web page, and it will be the truth. You will have your own url to send them to!

You can ask as many questions as you like on how to make online money.

All of the above items are available for imediate download for the low price of $37.97

Please note that I use Paypal exclusively. This way your information is completely protected and, with a few mouse clicks, you can get your money back easily if you eventually choose to use my money back guarantee..

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Thank you for spending this time with me learning how to make money online!

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P.P.S. You get a complete turn-key system, with my 100% satisfaction guarantee, and you can get started today. The World Wide Web is the river of gold. Never has there ever existed a larger, FREE market leading you to how to make online money. Take advantage of it. Learn how to prosper from your home.

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