How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

What's The Secret?

First, here's the secret to "how does affiliate marketing work?": You can build a massive business with:

  • No risk.
  • No inventory.
  • No customer issues to deal with.
  • No shipping.

In a nutshell, you become a commission representative for a product or service that you choose.

Pretty simple, isn't it, and it can all be done on the internet from home. more:

  • Babysitters
  • Waking the kids so brutally early in the morning
  • Dragging your sick carcass to work because "we're desperately short as it is".
  • Road rage
  • Driving through blizzards or cactus withering heat.
  • Fill in the blank of your own favorite hate for commuting__________________.

You should build on something you love to do or know extremely well (preferably both).

Why is this important?

You will want to build a web site. Never before has something like the internet existed. Any kind of internet business can be built. Some do well selling road paving equipment because they used to actually do it.

Take a hobby and turn it into a good income. Why build a business on something that bores you or that is trendy right now but sure to be a dud next season?

Think of the power and fun you will have building on something that sets your heart to racing!

You might say that golf is your passion, but that the market is flooded with golf stuff.

Maybe, but with some research, you will uncover a subniche like "curing your slice" for example.

How does affiliate marketing work? It is then up to you to find a product to solve the problem. Maybe create a video or find someone else who has a good video and sell that. Create your own products and so forth.

Which Work From Home Type Are You?

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Online Affiliate Marketing...

How does affiliate marketing work?

I know of a disabled lady who makes about the same money that a registered nurse makes working from home with no shifts or social assistance to contend with. Her affiliate marketing products are products for the disabled. They are manufactured and shipped by a totally different company and she is an expert in disabled people's needs.

Another person I know makes a good living growing and selling pine tree seedlings for special occasions.

Are you with me?

The only limit to how does affiliate marketing work is you. How hard do you want to work? Can you be patient enough to learn?

How to build the life of your dreams: Answer the question of how does affiliate marketing work and you will never again lose sleep over financial insecurity.

There are many ways of making money. As time goes by, you will start building a mailing list. As you do, learn as much as you can about affiliate email marketing. It's where the real money is.

Watch out for these 4 things that can kill your dream as you learn how to affiliate market:

1. Get rich quick schemes. (Also known as affiliate marketing scams). These can clean out your wallet, lead you astray possibly into illegal territory and discourage you. If you want to completely understand how does affiliate marketing work, stay away from these guys. When all the glitzy sales pages have been forgotten, the dust has settled and you haven't made a cent, it is real easy to say "to hell with it" and resign yourself to spending the rest of your life as a member of the gray herd of mediocrity. Don't. Find and use the many free internet marketing tools available on the web.

2.Loved ones who complain about the time you spend on the internet. They can be your biggest detractors because:

  • They don't share your dream.
  • They don't believe it is possible for you to succeed.
  • They are afraid you will succeed and where will that leave them?

Such is the power of affiliate work from home online marketing!

3. Discouragement. Is affiliate marketing any good? Yes, but it also can be very taxing on your spirit. You are all alone on that keyboard, baby. When you experience failures and there will be some, you experience them alone. When you get your first little tastes of success and usually, they are few and far between at the beginning, you will find very few people screaming their extasy with you. You will cheer alone, usually.

4. Uncertainty. As soon as you can, join forums where you can get ideas and share with others that are in the same boat as you. There is one called "The Warrior Forum" that is really great for people building, doing and experiencing.

Work From Home

The greatest thrill for me is that you can work from home.

Work from home benefit 1: Peace and quiet if that's the way you like it. A large affiliate business can be created and run from the kitchen table.

Work from home benefit 2: Personal tax advantages. For this, check with your accountant.

Work from home benefit 3: No commuting, car expenses and, for me the most important, no getting the kiddies up at an ungodly hour to force feed, bathe, dress and rush deliver them to some filthy daycare. How does affiliate marketing work? By making life so much easier.

Work from home benefit 4: You can follow your bliss. Many places, even large cities don't have a large enough market to support many businesses. The world wide web is large enough to make profitable virtually anything from jet planes to vintage Barbie dolls.

Work from home benefit 5: Almost every large company in the world has an affiliate program. How does affiliate marketing work here? Simple. Build your site, pick your product and company and start referring people. It could be something as simple as a washing machine review site.

Places like Walmart and many others have affiliate programs. Being able to work from home doesn't take very long if you follow a well traveled path to success. It is quite possible for you to make money online free from home.

Work from home benefit 6: No investment in cash. Most work from home businesses require bank loans and you have to jump through all the bank hoops.

Work from home benefit 7: There is no restriction to what you can sell. Be an affiliate for a large chemical company if you want. There are no licensing and environmental requirements to meet.

Work from home benefit 8: Set your own hours. Take time off when you want. The person that can work from home is the envy of any neighborhood. As a matter of fact, if you want to go to the beach, fold up your laptop and work your business sitting in the sand while the kids play in the water.

Work from home benefit 9: An affiliate work from home business has real value and can be willed to your beneficiaries. It will run by itself for years.

Work from home benefit 10: Security. No decisions made on Wall Street will affect you at all or for very long. When you know how to do this, the world is your orchard.

Let me ask you this. If you were a highly skilled brain surgeon and your town went broke, would you have trouble finding work? No? It's no different with being an online entrepreneur.

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How does affiliate marketing work? Knowledge. Education. Information. The proper tools. All of which you will learn about in my free ecourse below.

Affiliate marketing any good? You bet! Just remember to splash in the puddles, not the ocean. Find tiny niche markets and conquer them.

Keep it simple, keep going no matter what and "The world is yours, my child".

There is no other time in history when so many can do so much for themselves. You already have everything you need to reach the greatest heights of success:

  • Access to the internet (even a dial-up connection will do).
  • A computer (yes, even an old, pokey one!)
  • Enough brains to fog a mirror.

How does affiliate marketing work? The key word is "work". It is NEVER easy, but very simple. Affiliate work from home online marketing does not need rocket science, just work and patience.

There is more information for you on my Affiliate Marketing For Dummies page. There is so much to learn, but most of it is quite easy. These are such exciting times!

To help you along, I invite you to download some or all of my free Internet Marketing Guides.

Is there any money to be made?(You decide how much) How much risk is involved?(None. No loans, no inventory) How much about computers do you have to know? (If you got here, you know enough) All this and more is covered on another of my site pages that covers the most knowledge packed Affiliate Marketing Ebook.

Of course, this is all new to you and you are skeptical. I don't blame you and don't worry if you feel lost right now. All you want are ideas to make money online. That feeling will leave you to be quickly replaced by excitement as you find your own answer to, "Is affiliate marketing any good?"

Good luck, God speed and have fun!

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