Home Based Internet Businesses: I have over 300 work from home online incomes business articles published online, 9 internet business ebooks published at Amazon/Kindle and hundreds of web pages dealing with every aspect of e-commerce. Frantic, desperate people often contact me for help. These people all deserve a straight answer. This page was created to answer the most frequently asked questions:

  • What is the greatest obstacle to online success?
  • How can I have an online business when I have nothing to sell? (Affiliate Marketing)
  • I bought the get rich quick guru books and failed. (There is no get rich quick. You didn't fail)
  • What do I have to do to quit my day job? (Create your own job)
  • How can I work from home? (See question 3)
  • How can I build a high traffic website? (By learning how to build one)
  • Is it true that you can succeed on the internet with no investment? (No. It takes effort)
  • Is it possible to create online incomes safely and risk free?(Yes)
  • Will you mentor me? (You don't need me, bookmark this page)

If you dream of building a rock solid online business built around something you dearly love, that requires no risk, can operate by itself, that you can build in your spare time and in which you are willing to invest a dollar a day, then the few minutes you spend reading this article to the very end will be the most profitable time you spend this year.

Certainly, the sweetest home based internet businesses are information sites. If you are looking for online opportunities for yourself, if you want to build something risk free and in your spare time, I urge you to read this article to the very end.

  1. See why they have the highest earning potential.
  2. Discover why they involve no risk.
  3. Unlock the secret to why they require no start-up money.
  4. Learn how you can start one or more in your spare time.
  5. See how you can easily create these yourself.
  6. You should do this: Discover how to build them so that you never have to carry any inventory.

I will explain what is involved, some things to look out for and how you can do this for yourself with no risk, in your spare time for what costs me the price of a small coffee every day.

One of the biggest challenges you will face is what to sell online and how you are going to decide on products and services to promote to the public. This is a daunting, risky task if you do it the old fashioned way with inventory, staff and so forth.

The modern way is to learn and use affiliate marketing. By the way, if you want to learn more about this risk free way of building a business on virtually any theme, read my article on "Affilorama" which is the system I use to learn and create online businesses with no risk on my part.

As you scan every word of this article, you will begin to discover new ways of thinking. The great load of worry and fear you've been carrying on your shoulders will start to lift.

Who knows, maybe you'll experience an "Aha!" moment. You won't be the first. I hope you do.

Profit from the fact that these opportunities are built to run by themselves for years.

Think about this: You need never have to deal with customers! Also,

  • No overhead
  • No expenses
  • No warehousing
  • No employees
  • No risk


Home Based Internet Businesses

How To Do It For Yourself Video (Featured on Oprah!)

Online Home Businesses

Best Online Businesses


Easy Business Ideas

Sell From Home

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Home Based Internet Businesses

Sometimes what you think you heard is not what was said and, at other times, what you think was said is not what others heard. I wrote this article in the hope that the internet business opportunity will be clear in your mind.

Some find it hard to understand how such a supposedly great opportunity could be available to everyone. Warning! There is a catch!

Contrary to many "sudden wealth" opportunities you see advertised, the truth is that work is required. Always.

There is no way around this one, boys and girls.

If you are looking for get rich quick, let me save you the time of reading further and suggest you use the "back" button. There is nothing for you here.

If, on the other hand, you are prepared to learn lots and expend some effort, your life is about to change. Please, read on.

Remember this: the best online home based internet businesses have these common characteristics:

  1. They all took time. There is no get rich quick here. On the other hand, work will yield results.
  2. Most revolve around something the owners love to do and no, it does not have to be something "popular". I know of sites who were built around the theme of a species of fish or a part of the house.
  3. Most home based internet businesses were built free of anxiety that if they didn't succeed, the site owners would have to pay a large loan.
  4. They were all built slowly. The very concept of infopreneur sites encourages people to go slowly, start part time. No need to quit a job and take great risks.

Online Home Businesses

Those who built these take the long view. What if one site concept only brings in $300 a month? You can't live on that! Yes, but with what you have learned, could you build 20 more home based internet businesses? You bet, you could! Not all will yield the same, but some will yield a lot more. All of a sudden, you can't afford to keep the boss anymore. It is time to go full time. The best online businesses will offer you that opportunity down the road.

Those that have succeeded realize this is a unique time in history. The world wide web is an immense market and we all have access to it for free. All we have to do is learn and work. Are you willing to do that?

The best home based online internet businesses come in all types of configurations. Online home businesses can all benefit from doing this right from the first moment you decide to create one.

Some manufacture and sell things at home mostly. One man I know makes high quality hickory swings in his garage and sells them online. It allows him to work from home full time.

Some people go all the way and build an inventory and warehousing and so forth. Some businesses require this and it is ok. But, due to the risk, it cuts out many of the advantages of ecommerce as I describe them in these pages. There is no reason for risk.

Research is so important. In this image, if you build a site on "women", you would be entering a massive market. If you based your site on the keywords phrase "women making money", you would quickly find yourself with little traffic.

Some sites specialize in finding leads for other businesses. These are called Pay Per Lead sites. They make arrangements with various companies that say that for every sale the company makes from one of their leads, they will pay so much.

Usually, these leads yield a few dollars each, but I have seen some leads, like lawyers looking for people to join class action suits pay a lot. I saw one once who paid $450 per lead that eventually signed up for the class action suit.

It doesn't take long to expand home based internet businesses at that rate!

As you can see, there are practically no limits to what you can do, how much you can make or what path you want your online home business to take.

Enroll right now for my free 10 lesson ecourse below. You will also be taken to a page that is rich in information for you.

There are many other ways to make money online that let you work from home eventually. Home based internet businesses come in many sizes and flavors :-) Here are 3 deadly search engine marketing ideas.

You can have review sites and sites that cater to specific subjects and then build their own book store on their sites. Amazon is great at this. It furnishes all the code you need for your home based internet businesses, pictures and so forth. It allows you to build an excellent book source under your own roof.

Best Online Businesses

To find the best online businesses: What is the first thing to do to start investigating which of the best home based online internet businesses is most suited to you?


  • Knowledge in how to build a web site/ small business that attracts traffic.
  • What are the search engines looking for?
  • How do you go about finding something to sell?
  • Why is affiliate marketing the very best way to build a way to create your own work from home?
  • Who do get to host your web site?
  • What should you look for?
  • What is reasonable to expect from most of the home internet businesses?


There are many ways to make your site get more and more traffic quickly. There are opt-in forms. Rss feeders help you spread the word. Free ebooks are another great way to learn the ropes to creating the best online businesses.

What is SEO?

There are over 30 subjects that come to mind right now that are all important to the future success of your best online home based internet businesses. Online home businesses will eventually help you work from home full time if this is your wish.

You can also keep working if you want :-0

Easy Business Ideas

Bear in mind that the easiest business ideas are going to deal with things that interest you. One thing you will have to do as time goes by is to update the information on your site. 

This will involve doing research and doing some writing. If you have no love for the main theme of your site, you will quickly grow tired of it and will lose interest. This will translate into a poorer site as time goes by.

For that reason, try your best to build your home based internet businesses around something you love doing.

Following are a few easy business ideas and what you could do to make money from a site built around the idea. This is just a tiny sampling. The main idea I am trying to get across is that almost anything can be built into a business on the internet.

  • If you love sewing: You can have many pages on the different fabrics available, how to work with each and what they are best suited for. You can be an affiliate for sewing machines, sewing room furniture and so on. You can create your own "How to..." videos, create your own ebooks if you want and become an affiliate for bookstores like Amazon and have your own online bookstore dealing with sewing and crafts. This is just one of thousands of home based internet ideas!
  • If you are into the "green" movement: Every new bit of bad news whether it is regarding the changing climate, the latest disaster, economic turmoil and so forth, the market for ANYTHING green explodes. You can build a site or many sites based on living off the grid, power generation, food growing and preservation. As part of your home based internet businesses, you can be affiliate for everything from emergency radios to composters to fruit and vegetable drying machine. This niche is chock full of micro niches that you could easily dominate.
  • Education is big: If you distrust the public schools for any reason and you decide to home school, this niche is also growing by leaps and bounds. Your site could offer tutorials in all kinds of subjects, you could sell books and manuals from Amazon and so forth, you could offer professional help if you are trained to do so and so on.
  • Do It Yourself: People have less and less money to spend and want to do things themselves if they possible can. If you have a trade or special knowledge of any sort, you can cash your knowledge and experience in. I know registered nurse who has a site to help the elderly. She is an affiliate for a company that makes all kinds of things for the elderly like walkers, wheelchairs, and assistance devices. She is even an affiliate for a large auto firm that sells specially built vans that cater to the old folks. Trades people can sell "how to" videos and so forth.

The easiest business ideas, as you can see above revolve on what you love to do and/or what you are well trained in. You don't need a special trade or anything to make money using the easiest business ideas.

A lady I know said she had no experience or education because she had spent her whole life looking after her two aging parents. It never occurred to her that she knew an awful lot about caring for the elderly and this was the seed for a successful website she built and now she is expanding into other home based internet businesses.

Sell From Home

The bottom line is that these no-risk businesses allow you to sell from home. How you set up your business is up to you. What you will share with all other internet businesses is the knowledge that you must gain about such things as how to get customers to your site, the basics of how the internet works and what the search engines are looking for.

Remember, the engines are the first “customers” that you have to attract. By learning your lessons, thought, you will guarantee yourself a regular stream of high quality traffic, people that are looking for exactly what you are offering.

Another great thing about building one or more of these internet businesses for yourself is that you don’t have to go around making phone calls to try to drum up business or bother your friends and relatives again about some new “business opportunity”. One option is to use free search engine marketing website building programs to start with.

Simply pick a subject you would love to be associated with for years to come and start learning what you need to know to get set up. If you want to invest money in some sort of inventory, that is your choice. Home based internet businesses don't have to focus on risk taking or investing.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, relieves you of the barrier to cost and risk. You can literally build a huge business without risking a cent of your own by becoming an affiliate for huge mega corporations like Amazon or the hundreds of thousands of others massive companies that would love to see you representing them on thee web.

For myself, I just love to write about this way of doing business and helping people understand how easy all this is. It does require work, however, but I think you already picked up on that idea in the reading above J

The best money is in sales and the best way to sell from home is to sell products or services where someone else takes the risks of inventory and so forth and someone else handles all the customer issues like returns and so on.

By the way, an excellent example of what these businesses can do and the wonderful lifestyle that they can generate was featured on Oprah. Watch the short video below to see what I mean and what Oprah thought about it.

How To Do It For Yourself Video

By the way...

Other Informative Articles

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Many people desperately want something on the internet to free themselves from the slavery of the boss and the banks. They can't see themselves having anything of any value to put as information on the internet. Click on the image below to be taken to a page that explains how much you know, but don't know that you know :-)

Click on the image. Amaze yourself.

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