What Does Ebola, The Middle East, The Economy, Katrina And Terrorists Have To Do With You?
You need a family survival course for all occasions!

It's Just A Matter Of Which One Will Catapult Society Into Bloody Chaos. Unlock 6 Unique And Powerful Family Survival Course Secrets. Have Them Done In 7 Days!

The Family Survival Course:

by Octavien J. Remillard C.E.T.

President and CEO Living Off The Grid.Net

The family survival course. What Does Ebola, The Middle East, The Economy, Katrina And Terrorists Have To Do With You? Everything!

If you are looking for professional instruction in how to survive natural disasters, social collapse or just to generally make your home much safer, then reading carefully to the very bottom of this page could be the most important 2 minutes you will ever spend.

Obviously you are concerned about your family's well being in the event of a disaster. Certainly, you owe it to yourself and to them to be as well prepared as possible.

As you start reading the beginning of this article, you find yourself beginning to discover new ways of thinking. There are so many things you hadn't thought of. You will feel a heavy burden being lifted from your shoulders that you didn't know was there.

Listen Closely: Catastrophes like hurricane Katrina, the tsunami in Japan, an outbreak of Ebola, financial collapse or terrorist strikes or the social chaos we see in Europe serve one useful purpose. They show us how unprepared we are for natural calamities and who knows how to deal with the social nightmare that would be brought about by economic collapse?

As you keep skimming through this article regarding a family survival course, you're beginning to think that building safety isn't expensive at all. Knowledge is power.

1 - The Family Survival Course - Surviving A Natural Disaster

STOP and ask yourself how you would survive a depression. Not only do you have to protect your assets, you have to expect and guard against the breakdown of law and order.

  • Until we actually find the store shelves completely empty and the gas stations closed, it all seems like stuff of nightmares we see on the news.
  • Let me ask you, if the financial institutions folded tonight and martial law was declared tomorrow, would you have a clue as to what to do?  Would you be free?
  • Examine preparedness tips that you never thought of when it comes to surviving a natural disaster and that were critical in other people's success stories.

2 - Pack To Survive

What critical items will you need to protect and care for your family? For example, having a spare camp stove is a great idea. We must not forget that these things require fuel and a lighting device or waterproof matches.

  • Now, let yourself get in touch with the feelings of hopelessness if you had none of these things. Don't let it happen to you. Take a family survival course.
  • Discover how a disaster preparedness kit can save lives and at the very least make the dark times much more comfortable and safe. This can only happen if you pack to survive.

3 - Water Purification

Plan for in the event of a dollar collapse, do you know how to set up alternative methods of buying what you need? It is critically important to know how to barter and for what things.

  • Learn the proper ways of water purification. Should we stockpile our own and what are the best kinds of filters and purifiers?
  • FACT! Other countries are already talking of backing away from the dollar causing skyrocketing inflation. We would no longer be free. A good family survival course would show us how to protect ourselves.
  • Analyze studies and decide how you can use them to plot your own way out of a tight spot.

And do you begin to notice that with proper training, non of this would catch you by surprise?

3 - Shelter

See what kinds of shelter are best and in what circumstances? You want bedrock security in your basement during tornadoes, but you don't want to be there during a flood. Where is it best to be when mobs are parading around the neighborhood and you are no longer free?

  • Which are the most efficient tools? You will have to carry light items as much as possible. You want things that are the Swiss army knife of survival gear.
  • Is an urban homestead a viable alternative where you are? You might get away with it way out in the suburbs, but what do you do if you live on a tenth floor downtown?
  • The more and more you read this article, you forget about your feelings of fear and worry. You're about to learn how to be be safe with a world class survival course.

4 - The Food Ration

  • Make your own personnel list. Who is included in your planning and who isn't?
  • Plan for your food storage. Not only do you not want spoilage, you don't want outsiders to help themselves which brings us to....
  • Homeland security. How much will they do for you? They weren't very effective in New Orleans. The food ration was basically zero. Have they learned a lesson or is your personal security not very high on their list of priorities?
  • Little by little, you become free of doubt. You can do this! A survival course would show you how to be free while those around you are prisoners of their circumstances.

5 - Often Overlooked Items

A - Your family survival course should prepare you with accurate gardening techniques that apply to your area. Unless you are an expert gardener, you will have to told and taught about your particular soil conditions, the best plants to seed and so on.

B - The course should be able to teach you the best, most painless way to survive economic collapse. There are many instances in history where this has happened and a good coach will have studied these and could advise and teach you. He will tell you of often overlooked items.

  • How do hard economic times come about and the best ways to survive them? We are so dependent in these modern times on society and all its tools that it is hard to imagine how chaotic it will be and imagine what it feels to no longer be free?
  • Starting now, more and more, you will visualize the world around you going to hell in a hand basket as you and yours are safe, snug and secure.
  • Like any other explosive event, the collapse of the debt bubble will catch many unprepared. It is your course's job to keep you up to date on what is happening.

Listen closely: It is not enough for one person to be the only family member trained in these techniques. Any good family course must be flexible enough for everyone in the family to understand what is happening, what has to be done and why.

And, as I implant these words in your brain, you will begin to notice a feeling of peace settling over you. Things are falling into place.

6 - Must Know

There are all kinds of things to consider and the well prepared citizen will have plans made to cope with any range of critical options. For example, you should have plans made up in advance that trigger certain events if certain things happen.

If, as some believe, the day comes when ATM's don't work anymore, will you have cash reserves on hand? You must know if you will be ready and willing to hit the road when it seems certain that society is about to come crashing down around your ears? Once the roads and highways are gridlocked, it is too late.

Can you see why it is so important to become are of all the possible scenarios?

These are things that should be discussed as a family well ahead of time and a family survival course can help in the making of decisions and plans.

Conclusion: I must confess. I hate being negative, but I really believe there are some really rocky times coming soon. On the other hand, I firmly believe that with proper preparation, the average family can stay safe and healthy as the storms of chaos blow by overhead.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you and your neighbors learned this together? Wouldn't you agree that there is safety in numbers?

By the way, do you want to find out more about the family survival course,  basic survival techniques and how to make sure of your family's survival?

Learn how to protect those you love. If nothing else, it will give you interesting tips you probably never thought of in your survival planning:-)

When the pounding on the door starts, it's too late to wish you had looked into the family survival course. Family survival is no longer the stuff of Science Fiction movies. The dangers are here.

If you were in New Orleans after Katrina hit and you were still in the city, would you be trying to fight your way through starving crowds as you tried to leave the city, would you be one of those that had to climb into the attic to avoid drowning or would you be miles away in a place of safety with food and water?

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