I am frequently asked, "What email marketing solution do you recommend?"

As mentioned below, there is a terrible barrier to be overcome if you want to succeed online and email marketing is the solution. There has never been a time in history like now where the average person can build a large or small empire for themselves to bring their dreams to life. Never. Your internet connection is the on-ramp to success.

Unfortunately, the World Wide Web is like the old wild west. It is full of con artists, snake oil salesmen, fake gurus full of false information, shell games of every kind and smoke screens. If you have fallen for some of these pitfalls like I did, don't feel bad if you haven't succeeded so far. It is not your fault.

A lot of how to make money online is made to look very technical. It isn't. Some years ago, you had to be a rocket scientist to make it happen. Software now is easy to use and with affiliate marketing, you can do all this starting part time with zero financial risk.

You don't have to:

  • Have movie star looks
  • A great physique
  • Or "know somebody"

Sadly, however...

.... I have some bad news for you :-(  Google does a lot of research and they have found that the average visitor to a website will return to it on average 7 times before buying anything even if your product or solution to their problem suits their needs exactly and your price is excellent.

Keep this information in mind no matter what kind of online business you eventually get into.

People just don't trust, but don't be afraid...

The good news is that there is an easy solution: email marketing. Visitors to sites are encouraged to leave their email addresses so they could be sent free stuff. The central idea here is that they are giving the website owner permission to visit them through their inbox! Done properly, this builds incredible trust very quickly.

This is a great way to get around the awful 7 visit barrier mentioned above.

Most websites have opt-in forms to get people to leave their email address in exchange for a freebie of some sort like a free ebook, report or video. Forms like this one are in common use. They worked for a while, but people quickly got tired of free reports, ebooks and so on.

The minute they see these little boxes, they scramble for the back button. A company named Leadpages changed the whole process.

They suggest that your freebie not be an ebook or report. Instead, they suggest a blueprint, resource or small set of digital tools that the average visitor might find useful. People want something useful and short.

People want instructions, how to and so on. The best example I have seen for something like this was a Youtube video on how to build a picnic table. The instructions were very good.

At the end, he asked people to swap their email address for a simple, 1 page PDF list of materials they would need to bring to the lumber yard to build their own picnic table. The idea worked great.

People want something simple like a plan, a blueprint or a simple list. This is what Leadpages teaches you how to do.

And now, for the real magic. Instead of a little plain, boring opt-in form like the one above, a company  named LeadPages introduced a whole new ball game. If you visited a winter vacation website, would you be more tempted to fill in a plain little form like the one above or the Leadpages example below?

Uh-huh, I thought so. Remember that all these squeeze pages open in a full screen representation like this.

The next example was created by someone who has a website dealing with comic books. Beautiful, isn't it?

The one below is one of their top performers that gets a really good click through rate.

Anything can be changed with a couple of mouse clicks. Background images, styles of boxes, which information is asked for and so on.

This one is my personal favorite and gives me a great CTR. Give it a moment to load the video. You can change the video to anything you like. Imagine a gardening site with flowers waving in the wind, an aircraft site with airplanes floating above the clouds or ... well.. you get the idea.

Most people are not aware of the 7 visitor phenomenon that Google found and it kills their dream of independence and freedom. They work and work to build a great site, they get traffic and little money comes in because they are not aware of and dealing with that 7 visit phenomenon.

Opt-ins are a brilliant and fun way to build trust and Leadpages offer the best in cutting edge squeeze page technology for about a dollar a day.

By the way, would you like to see more of what Leadpages can do to help you achieve your dreams like they did for me? The best way for me was to sign up for one of their 2 free weekly live webinars. You can reserve your spot here.

NOTE: What I liked the most is that you don't have to be one of their customers to gain immense benefit from what they teach.

What many people try to do is set up their business like a traditional business.  Perhaps they want to create an online consulting service.  If they are graphics designers, they set up a graphics shop.  If they are gardeners, they set up a gardening website.

This is all fine and good, but there are a few problems with the traditional approach. Here are a few tips to keep on the right track right from the beginning.

1. Start building a list right from the beginning. As mentioned above, you will not succeed without one. Use a good sequential autoresponder to automate and manage your list.  There are many good autoresponder services available.  Three of the more popular are:

  • Aweber
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp

Personally, I use Mailchimp.

2.  Create or get rights to a pre-made autoresponder series.

Make sure that it combines both information and a sales pitch for a single product.  Don't mix up a lot of different products or you'll dilute the power of repetition.

If you're no good at it or if you are nervous about writing, you may have to farm out the task.  You can go to a website like Elance or Fiverr to find someone willing to work with you at very reasonable rates.

The autoresponse series automates the building of a relationship between you and the people on your list.  Once it concludes, you can either start it all over again, or you can simply send them periodic emails that relate to the same topic.

Your email marketing solution need not be complicated!
Advanced hint:

You can combine several series sequentially.  For example, emails 1 - 5 could be about product #1.  Email 6 could tell what you just covered and set up Emails 7 through 15 that could sell product #2.  Email 16 could set up selling product #3 and so forth.

3. Sign up with various affiliate programs. This free and easy to do. Make sure that YOU have reason to like and trust the companies that you will be an affiliate for. Your credibility is at stake so do your homework here.  As you sign up for these, you can incorporate them into your autoresponder series.

Once you have at least the first two items in place, you can  start promoting your site.  You'll need to come up with reasons for people to sign up for your ezine, but that subject (copywriting) is beyond the scope of this article, and we'll cover it soon in another article.

I also go more into it in my LeadPages article.

As people sign up for your list, they'll start receiving your series.  You won't have to mail them individually.  They'll just plug themselves in and the system does the rest.

The power of this system is that while you do a good deal of work to get it set up, once it is set up, you should have very little to do, other than to tweak it here and there to make it perform better.

In time, you will eventually get free or organic traffic.  And as people get into your funnel, you start making money. For more on this, read my article on free traffic generation.

Then you can begin tweaking your sales copy, increasing the effectiveness of your site content and so on as you get to be more and more attractive to the search engines.

Do this and you'll enhance your business far beyond the traditional ways.  You'll generate momentum that persists even if you take some time off, you'll automate the building of relationships with members of your list, and you'll be able to build on what you've got.

It is an exciting time and fun business to be in. Enjoy it and it's possibilities to the max!

The Email Marketing Solution Continued..

For most people, a reasonable course of action when choosing an online business is to bring up their favorite search engine and type the words “work from home”. The number of sites that come up when you enter such a term on Google alone is 1.9 Billion.

The good news is that if there's plenty of supply you've got plenty of choice. But how do you go about choosing the one that best for you? How do you know which one of those 1.9 billion work from home ideas gives you the best chance of success?

Perhaps you've got your own idea, perhaps you've used the Internet enough to have identified a niche area, a business idea you want to exploit. Either way, you're entering new waters and its best to be prepared.

Take your time and create security for your loved ones!

If all this technical jargon and new ideas has left you confused and more than a little bit scared, relax and take it easy. We are going to blow away that smoke and take aim at the fake claims and misleading information.

The first thing I advise is to choose a niche for your online business. If you love dogs, find a small niche that is not well populated with competition like Chihuahua training, for example. If you love construction equipment, perhaps a site specializing in cold weather gear for the machines would do well.

Create your business on something you love or, at least, something you are expert at. Not expert at anything? Do research on the web, go to the library and read up on subjects that interest you and become an expert.

Don't forget, the average visitor on the internet is looking for information. If you know more about a subject than they do, they consider you an expert. Run with it.

A good way to start is to do keyword research and I have an article on that subject at the link along with 9 other highly relevant articles to read if you are really serious about creating a future for yourself online.

                                                                                                                              Best wishes always!

P.S. By the way, do you want to find out more about the powerful email marketing solution called Leadpages? Click the link to be taken to my article on Leadpages, the unique and powerful solution to the 7 visit barrier mentioned above that made all the difference for me.

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