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Obviously you are here because you've read about or have seen firsthand the magic brought about in women who have used the Venus Factor. They learned all about the recently discovered naturally occurring female hormone loophole. And you want what they have.

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As you read this instruction page, you will begin to feel a warm feeling of security and anticipation at getting access to this powerful and unusual product.

In order to get your set of Venus Factor tools and the knowledge about the natural female hormones that will finally set you free from that awful burden of extra weight:

1. You want protection for your credit card data. The link below takes you directly to Clickbank which is a huge American internet company. They handle thousands of transactions a day. They use something called SSL (secure sockets logic) proprietary technology which is the gold standard for security on the internet. Can you see where this sets the stage for a perfectly safe transaction for you?

2. You want a guaranteed safe way to get your money back if you are not 100% happy with your purchase. The Venus Factor site repeatedly mentions a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have never known them to question a refund request. When you buy, you will get an email giving you an order number. Keep it and, if there is ever any problem, Clickbank will use that number to make sure you are happy. Recall a time when you felt completely safe, perhaps when you were  little and in grandma's arms. That's the feeling you will get.

3. You want instant download. You don't want costly Cd's or DVD's that take forever to arrive and cost a lot to ship. If you want a refund, there are more shipping costs. And, if you're like me, I want my goods right now!

More on how to buy Venus Factor with a credit card

4. You want the real deal, not some offshore clone sold by someone that could get you into trouble with the law. Clickbank thoroughly checks every account it carries and nobody gets through that is not a legitimate business. They have also been thoroughly certified by the Better Business Bureau. Are you beginning to see that every precaution has been taken for you?

5. You want ease of download. The Clickbank process is very straightforward and easy to use. You will find yourself enjoying your purchase in just a few seconds.

6. You want the same product as you've read about or have seen the incredible results of. There is only one original Venus Factor and Clickbank has always been the sole distributor of this amazing product.

Now, I want you to go deep into your mind and visualize the looks of admiration and the compliments you'll get after letting the Venus Factor work its all natural magic on you.

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You are only seconds away from receiving the Venus Factor. Your transaction will be perfectly safe, lightning quick, easy to do and will be a life changer for you.

 Buy Venus Factor With A Credit Card


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