Build Website Software: Certainly, if you want to know what to expect from the best web site software, obviously you want to know what's involved in using it to create a successful online business and if you absolutely want software that's really affordable and easy to use, then reading this short article to the very end could be the most profitable 2 minutes you spend this year.    

I am frequently asked what features the best software for an online business have. The best have basically the same features to accomplish a 4 step business plan that ALL successful online businesses use. It is a simple 4 step process to build an online success story. It is called the CTPM process.

  1. They create high quality information on the theme of the page the visitor lands on. They learned to create good content.
  2. This content is noticed by the search engines and gets listed highly in their indexes. This results in a flood of FREE traffic to your site.
  3. Your information is of such a high quality the the visitors naturally assume you are an expert in your field. This presells them on the idea of dealing with you.
  4. As the site owner, you either have your own products for sale or, if you don't, you use affiliate marketing to build a selection of fine products that your visitor can choose from. This is the monetization part of the business model.

As you scan every word of this article, you will get a good handle on what is involved in online success and how the right software can accomplish it for you. See how the right choice can set you free, but first....

.... I have some bad news for you :-(  Google does a lot of research and they have found that the average visitor to a website will return to it on average 7 times before buying anything even if your product or solution to their problem suits their needs exactly and your price is excellent.

Keep this information in mind no matter what kind of online business you eventually get into.

People just don't trust, but don't be afraid...

The good news is that there is an easy solution: email marketing. Visitors to sites are encouraged to leave their email addresses so they could be sent free stuff. The central idea here is that they are giving the website owner permission to visit them through their inbox! Done properly, this builds incredible trust very quickly.

This is a great way to get around the awful 7 visit barrier mentioned above.

Most websites have opt-in forms to get people to leave their email address in exchange for a freebie of some sort like a free ebook, report or video. Forms like this one are in common use. They worked for a while, but people quickly got tired of free reports, ebooks and so on.

The minute they see these little boxes, they scramble for the back button. A company named Leadpages changed the whole process.

They suggest that your freebie not be an ebook or report. Instead, they suggest a blueprint, resource or small set of digital tools that the average visitor might find useful. People want something useful and short.

People want instructions, how to and so on. The best example I have seen for something like this was a Youtube video on how to build a picnic table. The instructions were very good.

At the end, he asked people to swap their email address for a simple, 1 page PDF list of materials they would need to bring to the lumber yard to build their own picnic table. The idea worked great.

People want something simple like a plan, a blueprint or a simple list. This is what Leadpages teaches you how to do.

And now, for the real magic. Instead of a little plain, boring opt-in form like the one above, a company  named LeadPages introduced a whole new ball game. If you visited a winter vacation website, would you be more tempted to fill in a plain little form like the one above or the Leadpages example below?

Uh-huh, I thought so. Remember that all these squeeze pages open in a full screen representation like this.

The next example was created by someone who has a website dealing with comic books. Beautiful, isn't it?

The one below is one of their top performers that gets a really good click through rate.

Anything can be changed with a couple of mouse clicks. Background images, styles of boxes, which information is asked for and so on.

This one is my personal favorite and gives me a great CTR. Give it a moment to load the video. You can change the video to anything you like. Imagine a gardening site with flowers waving in the wind, an aircraft site with airplanes floating above the clouds or ... well.. you get the idea.

Most people are not aware of the 7 visitor phenomenon that Google found and it kills their dream of independence and freedom. They work and work to build a great site, they get traffic and little money comes in because they are not aware of and dealing with that 7 visit phenomenon.

Opt-ins are a brilliant and fun way to build trust and Leadpages offer the best in cutting edge squeeze page technology for about a dollar a day.

By the way, would you like to see more of what Leadpages can do to help you achieve your dreams like they did for me? The best way for me was to sign up for one of their 2 free weekly live webinars. You can reserve your spot here.

NOTE: What I liked the most is that you don't have to be one of their customers to gain immense benefit from what they teach.

Build Website Software

Given the size and wealth of the World Wide Web and given how easy modern software is to use, it has never been easier for someone to achieve personal financial freedom. Never.

It doesn't require for you to be a rocket scientist, it doesn't require good looks, a silver tongue or infallible logic. It doesn't require confidence, charisma or a magnetic personality. It is a simple matter when one cuts through the smoke. Cutting through the smoke is the hard part. In fact, if you have yet to develop your personal success to the level you want, it likely has nothing to do with you.

Given the shell game of bogus strategies, misinformation and outright lies out there, it is a wonder that some of us can manage to find our way to online success. In fact, if you haven't reached the level of personal financial success that you long for, it likely has nothing to do with you.

The educational system trains us to be worker bees and we end up in worker bee positions. Most of these jobs are brain numbing, dead end and are often shipped offshore.

If this barrage of techno-jargon has left you more confused than empowered, take a deep breath and relax. We are about to take aim at this confusion, blow away the smoke and make the process as simple as possible for you.

In fact, we've already nailed it down to 4 simple letters, the CTPM process mentioned above. Using software that helps you develop your own "flavor" of the CTPM process, you will find that it can work miracles for you. Here are some results for you to look at, see what other people have accomplished for themselves using this process.

But first,

Build Web Site Software - Where to begin?

The best suggestion I can give you is to decide on something you really love as the main theme of your website. It's all fine and dandy to build on something that's hot at the moment, but those things fade quickly. Can you imagine having a site dealing with pet rocks? Not only would there be no demand, you'd be bored silly trying to create new content for something that is long gone.

Also, try to find something you really love, but which will be "evergreen" like specialty gardening, farm tractor parts or a vintage Barbie doll site. There is always room for one more good content cooking site or one on wine and so forth. Years from now, people will still be searching for items related to evergreen themes. I know of one person who has built a magnificent site on the passion of his life, radio controlled model airplanes.

Web site development software must have a section on keyword research. Beware of the fast, quick, easy and "build it and they will come" artists. A successful web business is a slow, cautious process.

"What's in a name", Shakespeare asked. On the internet, it can be the first thing to help you succeed. I know we all lust to see our names on our site url, but it is best to wait a bit before registering a domain name. They cannot be canceled.

For example, let's say you wanted to create a site on Chihuahua dogs. Doing some basic research, you could end up with the screen shot below.

The second column, the value demand one shows the number of people who search for a certain term worldwide in a month. If you had thought of naming your site something like "", you might attract the 67 people at the bottom of the demand column. Not exactly the kind of traffic that will bust the bank.

If, on the other hand, you knew about these differences and built your site along the lines of the plain "", you'd have a great chance of attracting many of the 62,845 people that search for that exact term monthly.

Do you see how critically important good, solid research can lead to success quickly? Not having this information will lead you to many months or years of failure after failure.

Before you invest in any software package, make sure this research is available to you.

Build Web Site Software - Web Hosting

Building a Web Site? You Need to Host it Somewhere... But Where?

 As soon as you start looking around for someplace to host your site, you will quickly find yourself in a quicksand of Web hosting providers.  The choices can be overwhelming. Promises of cheap, quick, and easy tempt you at every turn. Here's what you need to ask yourself.

Is your goal to build a profitable Web business, or do you want to just "put up a site" for bragging rights with your friends?

They all claim to be unique, but they are all the same. They all deliver...

  • 99.99% uptime (That's a universal standard now)
  • high bandwidth allowance(With modern technology, this is a no brainer)
  • high storage numbers, (ditto)  and
  • near zero percent success rates. (Oops, they don't mention that!)

Talk is cheap anywhere and cute, glossy and slick don't cut it with the search engines. What does the most successful site on the planet look like? Have a look at the Google Search page. What is it? A plain little box in the middle of a plain page. No glittering sliding banners, slick videos or anything else. It means business. So do you!

You go there to get information, to get an answer to a problem, to be entertained. You have a simple request, and they have a simple, plain and extremely powerful place for you to ask.

This is the same concept you want to incorporate into your site. Not necessarily as plain as that one, but don't fall for all the glitz and glamor the 1 dollar specials offer. Web site builder software has to include everything you will need including a world class e-learning program. You want your site to be world class, don't you?

The most successful sites use web site promotion software sparingly. The real promotion you want will involve creating a high quality information site that the search engines drool over. This will get them to send you droves of FREE, highly targeted traffic. This is what you want. This leads to success. 

Build Web Site Software - Blowing Away The Smoke

Can you see how ecommerce web site software must work for you? It is not rocket science yet few sites use this and they fail. You are beginning to feel that success on the Web is possible for you if you have the right knowledge.

You will find tons more information on my build web site software home page.

The internet is the river of gold. How you approach it is up to you. You can dip into it with your little thimble or pull up with a fleet of tanker trucks. The river doesn't care. It just keeps on flowing.

Your internet connection is your personal on ramp to the information super highway. Building your business on a solid bedrock of world class software and hosting coupled with best of class e-learning, you can't help but flourish and become prosperous.

P.S. By the way, do you want to find out more about build web site software? Go to this build website software/SBI Questions page to get professional answers. SBI is the company I use exclusively for everything web site.

As I tried to put forward in his article, there is so much more to building a solid website other than cute and pretty.

If you are like me, software is something that has to be easy to use and comes with excellent training. Building a web site properly is something you will love, will set you free and will serve you a lifetime.

                                                                                                                                     Best wishes always,

P.P.S. How much should you spend? Be careful of the freebies or the 1 cent wonders. In  no time, you are forced to buy this and that to make things work even just a little bit. The software I use at Solo Build It costs me less than $1 a day and there is never anything else to buy, never.

P.P.P.S. They also have a free trial to see if they are a good fit for you.

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