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The wisest article marketing strategy has changed drastically over the last year or so. There has been so much garbage put out that Google and the other engines have stepped up their campaign to get higher quality content on the web.

The beauty of article marketing for you is that it can get free traffic to your site or blog. Done right, the search engines love you and will reward you with a top 10 rating. Before I get to the best way to set up your plan, I would like to give you some background on what you can and want to accomplish with your articles, the way it was and the way it is now.

The whole idea behind the internet is information. The whole idea behind articles is that they should give the reader advice or information about something they are searching for. This means that you, as the author should know what you are talking about.

This doesn't mean that you have to be a rocket scientist in whatever subject you are writing about. It just means that you should be well informed.

What happens by the end of your article is that;

  • The reader should have learned something.
  • Should have picked up on the idea that you know what you are writing about.
  • At the end, you should have a link to a place where you suggest they get a solution to what they came searching for that you recommend or to another place where they can get more information.

Here is an example. You want information about winter tires for your car. You enter a search on winter tires and you end up with the top ten winter tire sites on your screen.

When the internet started out, some marketers played all kinds of games to get on that top ten list. Most of their sites were garbage, aimed mostly at just selling something.

The search engines got better and better at weeding out the garbage. One way that they could give better information to their visitors was with articles. Someone, whom they assumed would be an expert would publish articles on subjects and the search engines would do their best to rate them. This is an excellent article marketing strategy.

Getting back to your search for winter tire information, the top ten results will have some websites and some articles. Originally, articles were pretty poor and then they got better and then unscrupulous marketers got into it again and hired people to write articles for them.

These are called "shallow content" articles.They make sense, but there is little useful information in them. If you read one of these low value articles on winter tires, you would get 500 words saying basically nothing.

An expert article would cover subjects such as:

  • Different kinds of rubber for different temperatures.
  • Different tire tread for places that have a lot of ice.
  • The best time of the year to buy tires.
  • What prices are reasonable.
  • and so on.

The bottom line is that the search engines want their visitors to get as much valuable information as possible. It is your responsibility to give it to them. Your reward for doing so is that you will get a high ranking in the search engines. For the longest time, if you properly used
search engine optimization on your article, it would rank well.


As it turns out, that is not nearly enough anymore. One man I know has over 25,000 articles published. Most are of that "shallow content" type I mentioned above because obviously he hires it out. This is not an article marketing strategy that you want to follow.

The search engines have now stepped in and put an end to all this. He and others like him can publish all they want. Their articles almost never show up on the top 10 and that's where the action is.

Almost no one ever goes to page 2 of the results pages. You must select your article marketing strategy such that you will bypass the mistakes of others and slowly build up a business of your own.

It is very possible to do so, but it will require some effort on your part. Imagine not having to leave home to earn your living! Keep dreaming that dream. It is very possible.


What Should Your Article Marketing Strategy Be?

Several things you should incorporate into your article marketing strategy. Go to the Google keywords tool (it's free) and do some research on keywords you are interested in. They have excellent tutorials for you.

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If you want to write about winter tires, you will need to know what terms people are using to look up information on winter tires. The same applies to anything you want to write about. Your article marketing strategy must be first and foremost about delivering quality information to your readers.

It is critically important that you choose the right keyword search phrases. Also, up till about a year ago, your article would get a good chance at being in the top 10 no matter what the number of searches is.

Now, many article directories are being bankrupted because the engines are not giving them hardly any traffic as they are judged to be full of that shallow content I talked about. The only articles I am seeing lately are those that relate to low demand keywords usually under 1500 searches a month.

There is so much to learn. I have set up for you a free 7 ebook library that covers every aspect of internet marketing. It will help you in creating the most effective and profitable article marketing strategy.

If you publish an article that is on something that gets lets say 10,000 searches a month, most article directories now will put your article in a "category" and your writing will never see the light of day.

Changes on the internet are going on at a lightning pace. I hope this article about marketing strategy helps you stay away from the most common pitfalls.

Make sure that your article marketing strategy includes the following:

  • Make sure your article is no less than 500 words.
  • Make sure your content is yours and not something you bought even if they say it is unique. If it isn't (and you have no way of knowing), Google will catch you and none of your writing will ever see a reader.
  • Be knowledgeable about what you are writing. If you don't know enough to be informative, educate yourself and then you can educate others.
  • Keep your articles in the lower search number region.
  • Make sure your articles link out to a blog or website you own. Otherwise, most article directories won't even look at your work.

I hope that this article on marketing strategy makes you thirsty for more knowledge. Traffic on the internet is expected to double in 2012 and to double again by 2014.

The world wide web is the river of gold. Learn to harness it. It is not hard. Just be willing to learn and go slowly.

Don't fall for the get rich quick guru's.

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