Affiliate Marketing - Making Money Online Doesn't Get Much Easier

I am frequently asked, "How can affiliate marketing help me get started to making money online?"

Definitely, the idea of one person selling products on behalf of someone else, and receiving a commission in return is nothing new, but the results can make your income dreams come true, can set you free.

As a marketing method, it has been around for probably thousands of years. The idea didn't take quite that long to make it onto the Internet, however.

Affiliate Marketing

If all the claims and statements have left you confused and more than a little bit afraid, relax, take a deep breath and rest easy. We are going to blow away the smoke and mirrors and expose the truth about affiliate marketing and how it can be the best thing that has ever happened to anyone wanting to create a business of their own on the internet.

The World Wide Web as we know it came into existence in 1990, but it was not until 1994 that the first company applied affiliate marketing methods to its sales strategy.

That company was in the adult industry, which often seems to be at the forefront of marketing innovation. However, soon after that the online music store CDNow began to operate what is generally considered to be the first non-adult affiliate program.

A couple of years later, in 1996, Amazon launched their Associates Program and affiliate marketing really took off.

Affiliate marketing is an alluringly simple idea: you show an offer from a third party company to your website visitors or newsletter readers and if they click through and buy, you get an agreed commission. Those commissions can be anywhere from a few percent, right up to 100% of the products' sales price.

Yes, some vendors will give affiliates the full value of the sale because they know that the lifetime value of a new customer is worth far more to them in the long term.

Affiliate marketing can go under many different names: associate marketing, partners programs, joint ventures and revenue sharing. Some affiliate programs are open to anyone while others insist on pre-approving applicants. Still others are only available to people who have bought the product.

It is very possible to become an affiliate for an individual company or product vendor as many run their own affiliate programs. However, the majority are run through affiliate management companies. Possibly the best known of these for online marketers are ClickBank, who specialize in digitally downloadable products and Commission Junction who represent thousands of companies under one roof.

All affiliate programs have their pros and cons.

ClickBank, for example, are blissfully simple to use. You pick a product from their marketplace and they instantly give you an affiliate link to use. You need to sign up with them to become a member, but that takes only a few moments and is free. Commissions are generally between 50% and 75%.

The downside is that ClickBank makes it almost too easy for customers to get refunds and there is always a question-mark over how efficient their link tracking mechanism is.

Despite the potential problems, many Internet marketers make a lot of money from selling ClickBank products.

More On Affiliate Marketing

Commission Junction is great for marketers who don't want to be part of the Internet marketing niche and prefer to sell real products from real world niches. The choice is huge at CJ, but you do have to apply to be an affiliate for each company individually.

As you also have to apply to be a member of CJ initially, the reapplication every time you find something you want to promote can be annoying, and very often the companies concerned will reject your application without giving any reason and that can be very annoying :-(

Commission levels at Commission Junction are usually much lower - a few percent of the price, but as the products are often in high demand, you can make up for the lower commissions by volume.

Amazon, as mentioned earlier, run their own affiliate, or as they call it, Associates Program. It is free to join and pays a sliding scale of commissions depending on the volume of sales you make. Expect to start out at around 4 or 5%.

The great beauty of Amazon is that once you've sent them a customer for a specific product, Amazon are experts at building up the value of the sale by offering all kinds of other products ('customers who bought this, also like that'). As you get commission on the entire value of the shopping basket, you can often end up with a lot more than you expected.

Many affiliate programs now offer recurring income products and services, so you could make a sale for, for example, a membership site, and receive a monthly commission payment for as long as your referral remains a member. These residual income streams, as they are known, can quickly mount up and provide you with a regular paycheck for months or even years to come.

If you have a website that gets a lot of traffic, a blog with a regular readership or have built up a mailing list with whom you've established a trusting relationship, affiliate marketing results in very easy money. You:

  • Write no sales letters
  • Deal with no customer service issues
  • And generally avoid all the hassles that product owners and vendors have to face.
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These Will Give You An Unfair Advantage:

Home Page

Lesson 1: Keyword Research - Effective online marketing is all about getting maximum returns from all of your efforts and keyword research is the way you do that - it focuses you on what counts instead of randomly writing and building websites that are not cohesive or targeted.

Lesson 2: Niche Marketing - One of the big success secrets is to concentrate your efforts on a monetizable niche market. So what is niche marketing and how do you find a niche that you can make money from?

Lesson 3: Information Products - Creating and selling your own information products is a very viable method of building an online business - and can be an extremely profitable one too. Before we look into the ways that you - or anyone - can start to create your own information products, we first need to define what information products actually are.

Lesson 4: Search Engine Optimization - What makes Google, or any other search engine for that matter, put some sites right up at the top of the first page of their search results listings, while other sites struggle to even get into the index?

Lesson 5: Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is an alluringly simple idea: you show an offer from a third party company to your website visitors or newsletter readers and if they click through and buy, you get an agreed commission. Those commissions can be anywhere from ...

Lesson 6: Private Label Rights -Private label can really be like magic: someone else does all the hard work in writing and then for a tiny outlay you can buy the rights to do almost anything you want with the product.

Lesson 7: Membership Sites - Membership sites are big business and despite the worldwide recession, continue to grow in importance.

Lesson 8: Traffic Generation - A website on its own is like a store at the wrong end of a one-way street: it can be the most wonderful thing that you can possibly create, but with no passing trade the sound of the tumbleweed will be louder than that of the cash register.

Lesson 9: Article Marketing - Article marketing is about leveraging the effort you've put into creating an article in the first place and getting as much benefit from it as possible. You do that by syndicating your article for other people to use, with the condition that every time they publish it on their website, they also include a resource box that you specify.

Lesson 10: Email Marketing  - Legitimate email marketing can be very profitable, but the most successful, and ethical email marketers go to great lengths to ensure that they are only sending emails to willing recipients and that their emails comply with local regulations such as the American Can-Spam act.

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Other Informative Articles

 Whatever you do to make money online, it is probable that you will need to find the affiliate marketing products to feature in your articles, blog posts and web pages.

Where to get started is a tough one to contemplate. The service I use is called SBI! It has been referred to as the MBA of the internet. Many universities offer it as a course. They include all the training, tools mentioned in these lessons, web hosting, domain name and everything you need to succeed. The cost? Less than a dollar a day. Never anything else to buy. Ever.

Does it work? This is my site. It is built around the keyword phrase 'home online incomes'.

Doing a Google search today, it comes up as #2 against 417,000,000 competitors (the number on the top left). This thing works. It does require effort, however. This is not a get rich quick thing.

A dollar a day + your desire to succeed + some effort = knowledgeable access to the greatest, richest market that has ever existed and it is yours for the plucking for free.

The quality of your future has never been so in your hands as right now. Decide to take action. Get started today.

                                                                                                                                      Best wishes always,

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