The Magic of Affiliate Email Marketing

Affiliate email marketing is by far the easiest way to sell to anyone on the internet. What it allows you to do is bypass the natural distrust your visitors have of you. After all, you are a stranger. Conquer this and you will soon work from home.

Fact: On average, a visitor to a site on the internet goes there 7 times before buying anything. Chances are they won't be back after the first visit, even if they liked your site and what you had to say.

First, you invite them to sign up for your free ecourse or newsletter. This gets them to give you permission to visit them. Put good quality content in your newsletter or course and slowly suggest that your product or service will be of great benefit to them. Very quickly, trust grows and they start buying from you.

Treat them right with a high quality product that is worth every cent they pay and they will buy from you over and over again .

That is the type of email marketing that leads to work from home business income. If you don't have anything of your own to sell, become an affiliate for someone else and sell their product. This is affiliate email marketing.

The biggest beauty of this system is that it costs you almost nothing to start your site and you don't even need your own product. Find a product or service that you know is excellent and start promoting it.

These newsletter create an incredible trust in no time. When the time comes that some of your readers need something that you sell, you will be #1 on their supplier list and they will buy over and over again.

That's why they say that real work from home profits don't start until you've built an email list and this is email marketing.

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Affiliate marketing tutorial

Like any business, you will need a product or service to sell before you start your affiliate email marketing business. Affiliate marketing is the perfect answer. Basically, you are a sales agent for someone and you get a commission on sales to people you refer to them.

For example, lets say you have a business dealing with driveway asphalt. You sign up with an asphalt paving company, with an asphalt machine manufacturer, an asphalt repair company and so on. It is easy to do and FREE. You can also do this work from home in your spare time at first.

You learn to attract visitors to your site and refer them right away or after a few newsletters to one of the companies you are an affiliate for. If they buy, you get a commission.

Can you see how:

  • Affiliate email marketing is free of risk?
  • It can bring in unlimited income?
  • This can be built up slowly in your spare time and
  • Should be built around something you know well and very hopefully something you love. The internet is large enough to accommodate any size of endeavor. It is perfect for affiliate email marketing!

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide...

Here are 4 benefits to building a prosperous affiliate email marketing business that lets you work from home:

1. Save money:

You won't have to commute to work so your fuel bill will decrease. You also won't be using your car as much which will reduce the wear and tear on it. If you have to pay for parking where you work, this will be saved too.

More on this at this affiliate marketing tutorial.

2. Make more money:

You can look after your family if you're at home with them. As long as you set your working hours properly; you can spend your time enjoying it with loved ones.

3. Regularly treat yourself:

By saving money but also making more money you'll be able to treat yourself more often. This could be by taking regular trips away, going out to restaurants more often, or treating yourself to a bigger TV!

4. Freedom: You'll have much more freedom to do things you enjoy when you want to. Also, because you choose your own time when you work from home you can, for example, do the weekly shopping whilst others are at work so it'll be less busy.

There is no way to describe and no amount of money that can equal the joy of taking that 10 second commute every morning to your office down the hall from the kitchen. This is the real work from home.

If you really get homesick for the "good old days", just surf to a news channel from a large city and watch the grid locked traffic sit and fume.

If you really get crazy, take a window seat at a coffee shop on a turnpike or train station. You can silently salute those that tread the unhappy road of quiet desperation and then go back home to work on your business.

Work From Home

The biggest advantage of affiliate email marketing is that all this can be done from home. If you have an internet connection and a computer, you are set top go.

To develop your work from home is not easy, however. It requires time, effort and sometimes grit. Doing business on the internet is different than doing a bricks and mortar enterprise which rarely allows you to build to the point that you can work from home.

You can't buy visitors. You have to earn them through furnishing high quality content. The search engines are very good at determining if what you are about is worth their putting on the first page of the search engine results page.

Taking your time and learning to do things right will yield a profitable work from home business. No risk.

Above all, these businesses run on their own. Feel sick in the morning, well, stay in bed and take care of yourself.

Work from home can be attained and maintained with minimal effort. The only thing you are lacking is knowledge in how to do this so I urge you to take my little ecourse by putting your name in the box at the top-right of this page.

Make work from home your personal goal for the new year!

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Work from home has become a way of life for thousands of people world wide. If you have read this far, you are the kind of person who will succeed at a work from home enterprise.

Do it.