Thank you so much for stopping by to find out a little bit about me.

My name is Jocelyne Therese Cairn. I was born in the month of August, 1970 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I was raised there and did all of my schooling in beautiful Montreal.

I have one older brother who is serving in Afghanistan right now with the Canadian Armed Forces as a radar technician. My younger sister is in Vancouver. She and her husband run a restaurant in Vancouver's Chinatown. It features the most authentic Chinese food this side of Beijing!

I graduated from Lavalle University in Quebec in May of 1992 with a Degree in Science majoring in nursing. The next few years I spent working in various cardiac units in several hospitals in Eastern Canada and I did a 2 year stint in the psych ward at the McMaster University Hospital in Hamilton.

If you wonder about my name, when I was a little girl I was a sucker for anything Mocha. My dad kept kidding me about it and ended nicknaming me Mokie. Everything was mokie ice cream, mokie milk shakes and so on. He is gone now, but I keep his loving, beautiful memory close to my heart by keeping the nickname he gave me all those years ago. *sniff*  *sniff*  Kleenex time :-(

One night, several years ago, I saw a documentary about the appalling conditions on the Northern Indian reserves. Since my 2 kids are all grown up and gone and my husband and I have been divorced for a dozen years, something drove me to start asking around about how I could help up north.

Before long, I was flying from reserve to reserve acting as the only medical professional these people would ever see. I love the work, the North and the native people, but I missed contact with and being involved in the big world out there.

As luck would have it, I met a fellow on my travels who loves the high North, wild and free. Not only did we share the love of the wild, but he also likes to keep his finger in the outside world.

One thing led to another and we have set up our little homestead on the outskirts of a little native town called Tuktoyaktuk in the Northwest Territories. He is a techie and had built this website before we met.

He invited me to use it as a platform for me to write articles and so forth on things I love like medicine, relationship help and so forth.

We have taken up a new hobby called Aquaponics.  It involves growing vegetables with no soil but the water used comes from a fish tank. It's really neat and you can expect articles on the subject from me soon.

Life is good. We have the great wilds of the north at our doorstep, the internet allows us to prosper on the web without having to live in a city and we are at peace.  I can help the local people with their medical needs and I still love traveling the north giving aid where ever I can. The other day, we watched a moose trotting down our road. I took her picture (not her best side) :-)

                                                                                                                            Best wishes always!

P.S. I hope you find my articles healing and helpful. I do my best to make them informative and easy to read :-)

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