Christmas 2011

Christmas Wishes To
Marilyn, Ray and Tazimonium "Death Dog" Wood

I wish I had the means to give you guys something to show how much you and what you have done for me mean to me, but I don't.

So, I'll try to piece together some beautiful things on this crappy old web page. I hope they convey the feelings I have tonight.

I guess it all boils down to: G. K. Chesterton - When we were children we were grateful to those who filled our stockings at Christmas time. Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?

"My best friends are the ones who bring out the best in me." (That would be you guys!)- Henri Ford

I thought I would be full of inspiration tonight with words, thoughts and ideas just gushing from my few remaining brain cells, but nothing much. I don't feel any large eruption of emotions.

I suppose, if I was going to pinpoint anything I feel for this eve of Christmas is gratitude.

Gratitude for those in my life I care about. I always thought that would be family and not "strangers", but families have a way of making themselves strangers.

What does it say about you when you care more about the welfare and wellbeing of two little dogs than you do about your own kin? Does that mean that I am busted inside or that I accept reality while others resist the same feelings?

I hope it is acceptance. I have learned that there is nothing going on right now than what is going on. What's going on right now? My bread maker is beeping. It's time for a Christmas eve snacky with Mokey and then the rest of Elaine's pie.

Don't know why that is, but it is. But that's okay. It's all good. The dearest people in my life right now are "strangers", people not of my blood, yet you are more people of my blood than people of my blood.

They say you choose your friends and not your family. Ain't it the truth!

What I desire the most for you three this year is to know peace that works for you. This water fall reminds me of what I wish for you.


Joy and happiness are a matter of choice. I suspect you get more of those two from little Tazimonium than any dozen of those fancy mansions you guys saw yesterday.

I thought I would make this a real thigh slapper of a card, but I don't feel like thigh slapping tonight (not my own, anyway..evil leer..)

I got a picture of Mokey tonight mellowing out. Don't know what got into him.

He's been so funny the last 2 nights. He knows that a phone call with some laughter, a shower after supper and me pounding my shoes on means I'm leaving. Last night, he lay on the floor whining with his legs up... his way of saying, "Don't take your guns to town, son..." like that song of the 60's Lorne Green or was it "The legend of Ringo"?

Whatever, it sure was cute. He didn't want papa to leave his little Mokey alone. I guess Tazimonium Death Dog does the same.... aaaaaaawwwwww.

That's about all. I was hoping to make this like a Hollywood premiere, but it turned out to be a regular Saturday night in Wabigoon.

God bless you guys and your little dog. May you receive as much joy, comfort and hope as you have given me. Yeah, all three of you :-)

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!