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Work From Home, Issue #001 -- Legitimate Work From Home
December 19, 2011

Work From Home - vol 1 - The Search For Legitimate Work From Home

Work From Home:The Home Online Income Opportunity and how to find legitimate work from home. The world Wide Web is a vast ocean of possibilities.

The only limiting factors are your personal ambitions and how big you can dream. Build yourself many different revenue streams that will keep you and your family well cared for even in the worse economic times.

Irene Peter once said, "Anyone who thinks there's safety in numbers hasn't looked at the stock market pages."

The safest place for you is alone.

That's why it's called the River Of Gold. How much money does it take to make it? None. What you need is knowledge and desire to work from home successfully.

"Pardon me," you say, "how can a secure income be created without risk and borrowing?"

Let me tell you a bit about business on the internet and legitimate work from home. Do you see all those little ads that are sprinkled all around this page, that you see sprinkled over almost every page you can get on the internet? Any idea how much those ads cost? The answer is: nothing. The owners of those ads, people like you and me, don't pay till a visitor clicks on it. How can this be a part of the home income online opportunity?

Anthony Robbins once said, "The only free cheese is in the trap."

He's right. In this instance, the trap is made of get rich quick schemes, scams and false claims about your working from home.

When you do any search on the internet, you end up with the top 10 results on your computer screen. How did they get to be top 10? The search engine, whether it's Google or MSN or others have deemed those 10 sites to be the absolutely best and most relevant to your search query. Chances are real good that one of them holds the exact answer to your query.

What are the chances that you will buy from one of those sites that holds the exact answer to your problem? Very high. Do you think that the owners of those sites are building revenue streams for themselves and their families and have found legitimate work from home? You can bet on it.

How much does it cost to get to the top 10 in order to enjoy that home income online opportunity? It's free! You have to earn your way there through quality and KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING to deliver quality solutions and information. How many of those sites are large corporations? Very few. Most of them started off like you are right now wondering about any home online income opportunity that might be available, dreaming of work from home.

Don't worry about there being so many of them (millions), that the whole internet is saturated and there are only crumbs left for people like you to create legitimate work from home. The truth of the matter is that 99% of all sites you see on the internet will go dark within a couple of years of start-up.

Francis Bacon once said, "He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator."

Like I said with the top 10 results and those little ads, the internet rewards guality. Creating legitimate work from home isn't rocket science. Information and knowledge are the fuel of the World Wide Web. The real funny part about all this is that almost everything you have to learn is given away free.

Go to sites like,, and and sniff around. They have tutorials on how to build businesses with them. There is a massive amount of information and it is all FREE! So are their sites. Anyone is welcomed to build businesses on these and many other sites. FREE! Knowledge is key. Simple information given by people who know and understand the internet. Grab a bucket and scoop out your share of legitimate work from home.

Till we meet again, God speed, don't give up, there is a method to the internet madness and the sky is the limit. (I hope you found this article in the top 10!) I can't close without one more quote.

Robert C. Gallagher once said, "Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine."

I am very anxious to find out what is of importance to you. Tell me what you think what you would like to see more of, what you would like to see less of. I would like...."

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