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Online Businesses That Make Money. Does Yours Have What It Takes?
July 07, 2011
Hello, everyone and welcome

Online Businesses That Make Money - Internet Marketing For Online Businesses

Online Businesses That Make Money:

First, let me apologize to some of you who signed up for this ezine a couple of months ago and never got one issue. I have had to overcome some health issues that laid me up for a while, but now I am hale and hearty!

I know you got your free ebook, though and I sure hope you've been reading it. It tells the tale that anyone can succeed online just by building on something you know whether you are a rocket scientist or have taken care of elderly parents for 20 years. You are an expert at something and money can be made from this knowledge.

Online Businesses That Make Money

The nature of the business is not what makes money. If you want to build a business on something that has a very small demand, you could never make a go of it maybe even in a big center like New York, but with the world as your market online, you can make a go of almost anything.

The company I use for ALL by online tools, hosting, education and help is called SiteBuildIt. They have a page on their site that is all about stories written by people who have succeeded online.

I am not going to say here which online businesses make money. Go to the case studies page and you will see that there is no set type of business that succeeds. Caring by the site owner is what it's all about. That and knowing what to do.

If you are interested in reading about what they did and what to watch out for,


Best Online Businesses

What do you think are the common characteristics of the best online businesses? It isn't:
  • Fancy, very expensive headers and other graphics.
  • Artfully done videos and audio spots on the site.
  • Irritating images or sign-up tables that follow your cursor around.
  • Page after page of ads and commercials.

What the best online businesses have is an obvious caring for the visitor. How do you know the creator of the site cares? Quality information seems to be the main theme of the site. You came looking for something and they offer you lots of that something for free. Caring shows. All the best online businesses have it.

Internet Marketing For Online Businesses

Internet marketing for online businesses is a simple affair. Show the search engines that you know what you are talking about, that your content is focused on the main theme of your site and that you have reputable products for sale or are an affiliate for reputable companies.

Don't believe that the search engines can get all this information? There are at least 200 criteria that Google uses to judge a site. It looks at such things as:

  • Which page did a searcher enter your site?
  • How long did they stay on your site?
  • How many pages did they visit?
  • Did they buy anything or did they click through to one of your affiliate companies? (This tells the engines that the visitor found the solution to his or her question on your site.)

As the site owner, it is totally up to you to learn how business on the internet works, how to attract organic search engine traffic and to have quality information for the visitors.

There is no get rich quick in this, but we have never had the kind of opportunities we now have. The world wide web is the biggest market that has ever existed and we have free access to it from our kitchen tables! What we do with this golden opportunity is up to us.

Knowledge is the key and our efforts to succeed are the water, sunlight and soil that will allow our seed of desire to rocket skyward.

Building a highly profitable business happens when we keep at it and learn. Then, we also can "do business" at the beach or anywhere we choose! I hope you have gotten some new ideas from this issue. I will be sending out one a week on various topics.

By the way, if you don't understand how all of this comes together, Click Here to ask your questions and I will give you a personal reply. No obligation. Ever. That means FREE:-)

In closing, you might want to watch this short video. It talks about what you need to succeed.

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