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December 21, 2011
I hope you are all enjoying your day!

Traffic is the name of the internet marketing promotion game. You either have the tools and the willingness to learn how to use them or you will perish on the World Wide Web.

Today, I just want to make a brief ezine submission to you all about internet marketing promotion and how it's going to explode.

If you are discouraged, hang in there. Rome was NOT built in a day.

"When can I make some money?" you ask. I don't know is my answer. Some people seem to "get it" right out of the hack and rocket to success. Others, myself included, have to keep plodding on and on until we "make it" or we toss in the towel and say, "To heck with it".

Don't give up. Traffic on the internet is expected to double in 2012 and double again in 2013. Internet marketing promotion is going to become even more important than it is right now.

People are buying more and more online (the darndest things!). Millions are buying things like coffee makers online that they could buy at the same price at the mall down the road!

Don't give up and stay at it. Learn, try and try again. What happens is that we all have our strengths and gifts. The web and our businesses respond to this. What might work great for me leaves you dead in the water.

I am sharing this with you in the hopes that you keep at it. We, of the internet, are a different breed. Few people do what we do, dream what we dream and actually act on what we believe we can accomplish.

Take pride in that.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a magnificent New Year filled with peace and prosperity. Don't worry about the state of the world economy. There is still plenty of money out there.

In closing, I want to let you folks know about a special internet marketing promotion that a company called Site Build It is having. They are the ones whose software I use for my sites. They offer an amazing array of tools.

The cost? About the price of a small cup of coffee a day.

The special?

Two for the price of one.

Don't give up. Check them out. If nothing else, they have an excellent collection of free ebooks dealing with business on the internet.

Special SiteSell Promotion

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