A Free How To Make Money Online Website - Can It Really Make Money Online?

I am frequently asked, "Is a free how to make money online website worth the effort?"

A free how to make money online website is a great thing if all you want are the braagging rights to owning a website you can show off to relatives and friends. If you are serious about building a solid income for yourself online, they will do the trick, but you really have to know your stuff yet that's not enough.

If you look closely at the terms of service you have to sign off on before sstarting, they completely control your site. If they one day decide they don't want you for any reason, they will close your site and there is not a thing you can do about it.

Again, if all you want are bragging rights, it doesn't matter. You can have another pretty one up in a couple of hours you can show off. An example of this is with Squidoo. some months ago, they decided they had too many weight loss sites and closed many of them.

Many people losts hundreds of hours of work and not a darn thing they could do about it....

That answers your question about free websites. Yes they might make a little money. Do you want to take thee risk? By the way, if you are even a little bit serious about building a secure online futur for yourself, you will quickly find yourself buying add-ons that you need. So much for free.

If you are deadly serious about building an independent source of income on the internet, if you definitely are willing to work at it and if you wisely want to do it risk free... then reaad this article to the veery end.

Encourage their dream

FACT:  It has definitely never been easier for the average person to to create a extra income. Never. Whatever your dreams, they are certainly within the realm of the achievable on the internet. Building a sopurce of income for yourself is now totally in your own hands. your futur is one you can control and plan unlike a job where your geting ahead relies on the reviews your bosss gives you.

You don't have to know somebody, gamble a bunch of money, wuit your job or be a rocket scientist. The World Wide Web is the great equalizer. It doesn't care what you weigh, hpow old you are, what color of skin you have or what religion is yours.

The internet insists on everyone having a plating field. This way, you can compete equaly with the largest corporations. The benefit to the search engines is that their visitors will get the best possible experience.

If you dream of a futur for yourself that has set you free, a life that you love to live, the next section will give you a solid idea of what you have to do.

Hint, you have to learn.

How to make money online:

You have to start by learning how the internet works and how the search engines can be used as your free ride to security. Lets start quickly with a simple example.

Shirley wants to buy a coat for her little Chihuahua. She enterss the term "Chihuahua clothes" in the earch engine box and her screen fills up with the top 10 sites. Those are the top 10 sites that the search engine has decided are her best bet. Ask yourslef: "How did those sites get to be in the first page of the reults? What's so special about them?

sure enough, Shirley finds exactly whay she needs in the top 2 sites. Like most time visitors, she doesn't buy.

FACT: The averaage visitor isits a webssite 7 times before buying. Yikes! Will she be back? Probably not. How to sell your fine Chihuahua products to her? Something called email marketing makes it free and easy.

How can you increaee your chances of suceeding? By building your business around something you love to do. Unlike the old days where you had to build a bricks and mortar business around dthe realities of where you lived, the internet allows you to build on anything you love.

For example, if you are passionate about expensive specialty gaming computers and you live in a really poor little town, you won't make any headway if you open your store on mainstreet of no-money nowhere.

building your gaming computer website on the internet, however, exposes your expertice and passion to the whole world. No problem Making money once you know wwhat you are doing.

Therefor, focus number 1 is decide on what you reaally love to do and find out if there is a market for it on the web. Don't forget that even the wweb has limits. A website on gaming computers has an immense potential market.

If on the other hand, you are passionate about 8th century Viking toe nail clippings, you will have a problem. You could however create a site on the Vikings and your passion about their leavings could fit in nicely in the site as a tier 2 or 3 page.

Nothing is impossible, nothing is out of reach.

Confirm their suspicions... 

If you haven't reached the level of internet succss that you would like to habve, it likely has nothing to do with you.

The interneet is like the wild west of 200 years ago. It is full of snake oil salesmen, get rich quick artists, liars, thieves, cheats and every shell game you can imagine. there is always a new shiny thing to take your money.

I know, I've been there. If you are like me, it took a while to clue in that the internet can be the river of gold if you learn how it works and figure out where to start digging for yoursself.

Sooner or later, you learn that all these people ae selling is the river of broken dreams.

So, once you realize thaat success on the web will require some effort and learning, it is highly advisable for you to choose a website concept that you are comfortable with. Even after that is done, you still have more research to do.

For example, if you wanted to build a site around a favorite vacation spot, realize that research is critically important. Her is an example. Doing keyword research on the term "carribean" says that the term gets about 99,671 searches a month which is great if you can get to number one, but you face 903,279 pages of competition.

The specialty term "Anquilla" (a small island in the Carribean) gets only  24,403 searches a month, but faces only 125,875 competitiors. That's about 80% less. Just that is enough to investigate further isf Anquilla is the right concept for you.

The next step is to start figuring out how you can monetize your site. This means that yoiu should have a good idea before you start how you will make money with it.

Are there travel agencies or airlines that would pay you for referrals. This is called affiliate markeeting. Along the same lines, does Amazon have great books you could recommend on the Carribean, the island of Anguilla and so forth.

There are many eassy ways of gathering this information and more ideas will come up as your site grows. 

Can you see why research done with the right tools is so vital?

Once you've done your preliminary research, it is time to start going over what you have done so far. WARNING! Most places that will sell you webshosting and so forth urge and push you to register a domain name right away. Do not yield to this pressure.

Once you've registerred your domain name, you can't change it. If you want to launch your site under a new ne=ame, you have to buy aa new site backage. A domain name cannot be chamnged.

We all get the urge to rush out and register a domain name we think we would like. You right away want to see jennifer's-chihuahua-emporium.com on the web.

You'll regret it if your research tells you your site name would get tons more traffic if it was named somehing like little-dog-world.com and that it should specialize in most little dogs. this happen way too often.

Avoid so called loving relatives and frriends that give you heck for not putting your name in the url. Never mind them. You are building this or you, not them and your goal is to build a solid internet income, one that will furnish you with easy money for years and years, long after they have been laid off or are forced to retire into a poverty retirement.

that's the power of what you are learning here.

Allay their fears

If this barrage of techno jargon, web terms, site research facts and maybe some things that don't make sense is leaving you confused and exhausted, sit back and relax. We will blow away all that smoke and mirrors out there and we will take aim at the confusion.

As a matter of fact, we will reduce it down to one simple word. E-learning.

How have to know how all this fits togetheer and how you can use it to build something solid and profitable for yourself. Here's a big thing to remember: a properly set up web site runs on autopilot. It's like those missliles that are "fire and forget".

The time and effort you spend now will yield a lifetime of benefit for you. what did it for me is the bluerint I learned about that showed me all about the rresearch I've mentionned so far and much more useful information plus a complete set of tools that allows me to do the research like the examples above.

I love t because it is like the science we learned in highschool. First, there is online learning and then you go to your own peronal online lab and put into practise what you have been told in class.

You know your stuff by the time you finish and you end up with an actual, live website that is getting free traffic and earning money. It does require effort and time.

the price? The whole thing costs me adollar a day. there are no add-ons to buy, not ever. Your domain name is included in the price and you learn to build a standard website or a blog using Wordpress.

One thing that blows me away about a properly built website is that you can build it so that the search engines sned you a flood of FREE traffic after a while. You can buy traffic, but this is risky. You reaally have to knoww what you are doing.

Free traffic is totally free and focused on the subject of your site. The secret is that you have to learn how to get on the first page of the search engine results page. This is where the right tools and great e-learning really pays off.

FACT: The average visitor to even a really great website visitss that site on average 7 times before buying. The gurus don't tell you this although that data is derived diractly from Google research.

Pretty discourgaing, isn't it?

Cheer up! There is an easy way to get around this.

Set up a little form on your website pages encouraging your visitors to sign up for you weekly or monthly newsletter. Offer them something valuable for signing and build an email list. You don't have to hope your visitors come back.

With their newsletter ssign up, they have given you permission to visit their inbox regularly. this is an excellent way to build a reelaationship with your visitors. This builds trust very quickly and these people will start to buy from you whether it is a special sale offer or a new ebook you have put out on the subject they came to your site for. watch

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